Sunday, February 1, 2009

Month-of-Love (MOL)

February is here, my favorite month! (Ssshhhh... don't tell the other months, they might get jealous!)  I don't know what your January was like, but ours definitely needed to be followed by the month of all things love, all things sweet, all things happy.  We need a month to be reminded of what we love, whom we love, and who loves us.

So I'd like to give you a happy month of blogging.  28 days of the little (and big) things that make me smile...

Day 1:  I heart...
Party invitations.  I'm crazy about them.  It's amazing how a piece of paper can make me that happy.  If you need someone to throw a party for you, oooh pick me, please please pick me (can you see me with my hand raised!), pick me to host it for you!  I promise you will get fantastic invitations.

My new favorite place for invitations and valentines (and labels and calendars... you get the idea -- I'm hooked!) is  If you need a happy spot in your day, go visit this site. You don't have to buy anything (I keep telling myself that, but I can't stop). Just run your mouse over the red boxes and listen to the fun "fairy-ish" sound.  And look at the color.  I promise you'll be inspired.  

ChellBell and I have the honor of hosting a bridal shower this month for our summer-Nanny-turned-dear-friend, and we ordered the invitations from Erin Condren.  They are amazingly perfect, down to the pretty box they came in, which will match a perfect party for an amazingly perfect bride...  

And that is something to smile about! 


  1. We definitely have something else in common, Christie! I LOVE hosting parties and I LOVE invitations. On at least one occasion I made up an entire party to throw because I found an invitation I wanted to joke! :) I will have to go look at that site....or perhaps I shouldn't. Hmmm.

    I'm also SO excited about you blogging all month. YAY!

  2. What a fun post- I can't wait to read more!!

  3. I clicked the comments so I could post something about how much you and Nancy have in common in this area but I see she beat me to it.