Monday, February 2, 2009

Month-of-Love Day 2: Picture This

Day 2: I heart...

If I was limitlessly wealthy and could hire someone to do for me, I would skip the personal chefs, drivers, and stylists and immediately hire a live-in photographer. Someone who would follow our family around, camera in hand, and snap pictures of those blessedly boring, wonderfully normal moments of life. Like our own paparazzi. Think about all those silly looks, pouts, scrunched noses, snuggles, and hugs that we would capture on film to savor forever.

There is something about photography. A good picture does the same thing to the soul that a perfect song does. It makes you feel and remember. And it sticks with you.

We have been very blessed to find some fantastic photographers, whose amazing work is displayed all over our home. Knowing how much I love photography, and probably realizing how much I shelled out for pictures this year, Chris gave me a new camera for my birthday, so I could try my hand at it. And I'm in love.

The best part, though, has been my new-found way of displaying photos.

Photos printed on canvas.

Any size you want, big or small. I prefer BIG, of course, and my
favorite size right now is 24" x 18". It's like having museum pieces to show off in our own personal gallery.

I know you have some great pics that you keep visiting on your hard drive. Go grab a few of your favorite ones and upload them to UpDone, choose the size of canvas you want, and WAH-LAH, you will understand why I get so giddy about the whole thing.

PS. If you need a good photographer, I recommend:


  1. I LOVE prints on canvas. My absolute new favorite thing.

  2. I got a similar camera, if not the same one, for Christmas. I am really enjoying but I should probably take a class.

    The prints on canvas are beautiful.