Saturday, January 24, 2009

Becoming well-versed

You all know that change is hard for me.  I live in a blissful rut of habit, going to the same restaurants, ordering the same thing, keeping my wonderfully boring routine.  But I took a big leap last year and changed jobs.  I am happy to report that it has been one of the best changes I have ever braved.  

I am working for a man who is known in the Dallas and IT staffing community for his level of integrity, commitment to quality, and genuine kindness toward everyone he comes in contact with.  He is one of the most devout Christians I know and has allowed Faith to be a visible foundation of the Company.

On a personal note, Dave has 4 kids (not really "kids" anymore -- high school and college), the oldest of whom has been sweet enough to babysit ChellBell from time to time when she's home from college.  It's interesting how much you can learn about a person by meeting their kids.  (I say that and then wonder what people think about me when they meet ChellBell...).  And what I've learned about Dave is that he has raised his kids very deliberately.  He thought ahead about the kind of father he wanted to be and the kind of people he wanted his kids to be, and then he mapped out life and his actions accordingly.

One thing he has emphasized is scripture memory.  He incented his kids to learn scripture.  And they did.  Maybe to earn a few dollars, but they memorized it.  And they watched him live it. And now they live it.  Very deliberately.

Inspired by this, our family has started 2009 with the resolution of having Family Bible Study once a week.  And memorizing a new scripture every week.  This is a great time for us to explain things about the Bible to ChellBell, and to give her a chance every week to open the Bible, find a verse, and then memorize it with us.  Funny story:  our first week, we had Chell read through the names of the books of the Bible.  Some how Titus was pronounced "Two-toots" and Corinthians was pronounced "Constellation".  

To make this fun for ChellBell, we've let her create her own blog, where she can post a video of  herself reciting the verses that we're memorizing.  Maybe there will be others who would like to follow along with us from week to week...  It will also help her retain verses long-term, because she likes to watch herself on video oh-so much, and she will hear these verses over and over.

Come visit her new blog, Well Versed, at: