Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Month-of-Love Day 3: The new food group

Day 3: I heart...
The Keurig

I am lobbying for an additional category on the Food Pyramid, because I am unshakably certain that Caffeine needs a spot. And for those of you in my camp who feel that morning comes waaaaaaay too early and is absolutely unbearable without caffeine, please join the cause.

In addition to really needing that boost in the morning, I actually just LOVE coffee. I can not go a day without a cup or two (or three). Black, freshly brewed coffee, preferably Hazelnut. I drink it day and night.

At one point, I was drinking 3 24-oz cups of coffee every day. I would stop by my local 7-Eleven 3 times a day to get the largest Hazelnut coffee available. The team at my particular 7-Eleven would brew a new pot and have it ready for me when I arrived. One year, I brought Christmas presents to all the people who worked there, because we had become so close. (And that is the honest truth).

While she still had her pre-pregnancy passion for coffee, my friend Becca introduced me to my soul mate, the Keurig. The Keurig is a one-cup-at-a-time, gourmet coffee maker (excuse me, "Brewing System") that uses pre-packaged "pods" of coffee to brew a perfect 10 oz cup in under 1 minute. And now that it has found its way into my kitchen, I no longer have to buy a cup o' joe on the way to work, which saves me money (saving on coffee AND the Christmas present budget). And with the Keurig able to brew up all that magic in just 1 minute, it saves me time in my consistently frantic mornings.

And the coffee is fantastic.

I feel kind of bad, because I just dropped the 7-Eleven for my new love without even a phone call or apology. But they'll move on and find someone new.

My only problem? I had to get a Keurig for my office too. Sorry, 10 oz just isn't enough.


  1. So I've been totally begging my wife for this coffee maker. I too drink ungodly amounts of coffe throughout the day.


  2. We also love the Keurig. My husband was not a coffee drinker until he received the Keurig as a gift. My parents liked ours so much that they bought one for themselves.

  3. We are kindred spirits for sure! I took the Starbucks people Christmas presents last year!

    Also my kitchen is decorated with a coffee theme so that everyone who comes into my house can see my obsession!

    I'm going to pick you up one day and treat you to that 7-Eleven, okay? ;D

  4. I am so loving this "post every day" thing you've got going on! Scot's parents bought him a coffee maker from Starbucks that makes the coffee right into one of those stainless steel take with you type things. He loves it and swears his coffee stays hot in that thing for hours.

    I have tried to like coffee, but I just can't. I'll stick to my tall soy chi tea latte. But only when it's below 50 degrees outside!

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