Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 4: fractions

Day 4: I heart...
This 7 and a half year old

Dear ChellBell,

Today you are 90 months old, which divided by 12, carry the one, subtract the 6... comes out to 7.5, or 7 1/2 in non-metric speak. And that means that you are standing at the midpoint -- the very center spot -- between being a seven year old and being an eight year old.

It has been a very busy half year for you!

You have earned two karate belts. You have learned to play the piano. You have gotten straight A's on your report cards. You have seen the White House. You have visited Daddy in ICU. You have outgrown 3 pair of jeans. And you have decided that you don't like olives.

That's a lot to fit into 6 months. It's crazy to think about all you'll be able to accomplish with all the half-years you still have ahead!

But regardless of how many years that is, and what you accomplish or what you don't accomplish, it won't change how much I love you. You are mine, and I love you with my whole heart. The entire thing. When you're silly, when you're mad, when you like me, when you don't, when you obey, when you test the limits. All the time. I love you. Completely.

No fraction in that equation.

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  1. She's growing up so fast. Puts a lump in my throat....