Monday, February 9, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 9: Singing in the Rain

Day 9: I heart...
The rain

Seriously, I don't heart the rain.  I actually heart these rain boots that I bought impulsively from last fall and have not remembered to wear until this morning.  

Monday mornings are early mornings for me, because I never do the work over the weekend that I promise, promise, promise myself I will do.  And I pay for it on Mondays.  So at 5 AM this morning, while the rest of the house (or world, for that matter) was sleeping, I was trying to figure out how I would wear my cute zebra shoes in the down-pouring rain.  This morning's outfit just wouldn't be the same without them, but even I will admit that wet zebra is something to avoid... 

And then I spotted my cute "Magic Carpet" rain boots in the corner, price tag still attached, waiting patiently to be remembered.

So, with zebra shoes tucked in my bag (I actually remembered to bring shoes to work today - remember this whole episode?), I splish-splashed off to work, making sure that I jumped in a puddle or two on the way from my parking spot into the office.

It's a little Gene Autry-ish, I know, but that's what the best moments in life are made of...


  1. Reminds me of the time you took the girls "splashing in rain puddles" and I was horrified until I realized what a fun memory you were making for M & C!!

    I'm glad you finally got some use out of those adorable rain boots!


  2. Those are a-dubba-dorable! I want to see you wear them to church! ;)