Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If you see a girl in zebra shoes smiling...

Last night, like every Tuesday night, was singing night, where my Junior League group brings a bit of harmony (and comedy) to Meemaws and Peepaws in retirement centers around Dallas. After our 45 minute performance and about 30 minutes of visiting with the residents, I definitely leave as or more joyful than the audience to whom we sang. It's an amazing feeling and completely gratifying.

So I arrived home around 8 PM, elated to see the progress on the house. I love the word progress. It is one of my favorites. New floors, crown molding, baseboards, and even a new staircase. Now it all sits for a week before getting stained (which should be interesting because I'm told that we will have to pack up our family and dogs and move out for a few days when that happens -- even the thought amuzes me). The amount of excitement I felt was matched only by the amount of dust that now covers every square inch of the house, even upstairs in the rooms far removed from the progress.

At this point of the evening, I'm feeling pretty fantastic. ChellBell is in a good mood, American Idol is on, and we're all excited about the -- let's say it again -- progress... And then, as if that moment couldn't get any better, I see a box out of the corner of my eye. A box from that UPS had delivered earlier that day. And in that box is a pair of shoes that I have been pining for literally all fall season. With the approaching spring, the fall season shoes go on sale, and in an indulgent moment, I somehow justified the purchase (it's so easy when you just have to hit the shopping cart button!).

There is something about a shoe. (Can I get an "Amen"?) And there is really something about this zebra shoe with real fur (surely not from an actual zebra, but it is some kind of real hair, and it is amazing). ChellBell and I shared a sacred shoe moment, where we both had one on, and I have no doubt those shoes will end up in her closet if I don't keep an eye out. Well, spring will be here before we know it, and I will have to put the zebra shoes back in the box to hibernate until next fall, but for now I think I might just wear them every single day because they make me SQUEAL with glee!
So between the progress and the zebra shoes, I think I'm set on excitement for a while. smile.

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