Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 10: Hotels and Room Service and BellHops, oh my!

Day 10: I heart...
A good BellHop

One of the things you will learn about me is that I am in love with hotels. I love fancy hotels, but even normal hotels will do. I love checking into a room with no full laundry hampers, dishes in the sink, stacks that need to be organized... I love to check into a room, put on a robe, make an appointment at a spa, and have someone bring me Breakfast-in-Bed. Especially the Breakfast-in-Bed part. This was something I explained to my husband before we got married. Regardless of why we are at the hotel, what time we wake up, or how much scrambled eggs on the Room Service menu cost, I will order Breakfast-in-Bed when we stay in a hotel. And then I will be excited when someone comes and takes the tray away and does not expect me to get up from my relaxing Breakfast-in-Bed and wash the dishes and put the left over orange juice in the fridge.

I will just blame this one on my parents. I don't know where it comes from. So it must be my parents' fault somehow. It's in the genes.

So in addition to Room Service, one of my new-found hotel appreciations is the BellHop. When we went on vacation over Christmas, we arrived at the National Gaylord, and while we were checking in, a nice young man came and took our bags. He would not let me carry them. We had a lot of luggage, and there he was with his brass cart, much more prepared to carry everything than I was. I didn't even have to think about my bags -- he just knew exactly where to take them, and when I arrived at my room, Wah-Lah - there they were, nicely, neatly placed on a luggage rack. I LOVE a good BellHop!

I have a lot of friends who are carrying some heavy luggage right now. One friend just lost her job -- a job that she was good at, at a company where she dedicated her talents and passion for over 10 years. One friend just found a 2 inch mass in her breast and is meeting with a surgeon next week. One friend's son is having surgery tomorrow and her husband is out of town. Another friend is ready to fall in love and settle down, but there is no prince in sight.

These friends need a good BellHop. Someone much more prepared to carry their bags, whether it is more of a carry-on or a huge over-the-weight-limit suitcase.

1 Peter 5:7 talks about the Perfect BellHop when it says, "Casts all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you." This isn't even the kind of BellHop that we have to ask nicely and tip generously. He just tells us to cast -- or throw -- it all down. He's saying, "I can carry this much more easily than you, so don't hold it one more second -- just throw it down. I know what to do with it."

Sometimes we don't hand our bags over to the BellHop, because we don't trust him, or we don't want to inconvenience him, or we're just convinced that we can carry our bags just as well. But that is what the BellHop is for. God is here to carry our burdens. And when we let Him, we are relieved. And we trust him. And we appreciate him. And we realize how great it feels to not have to tote that luggage around.

Whatever your luggage, whatever your worry, whatever your anxiety... Hand it over to the BellHop. Hand it over and rest.

And don't forget to order Breakfast-in-Bed!


  1. What a great post. I loved it! It's so true. I often think my problems are so small and insignificant that they are not worthy of turning over to the Lord.

    Hugs to your friends. What hard things they are going through! I have some friends going through some heavy things too. It really makes you appreciate the little things in life.

    Thanks so much for your thoughts!

    Bless you!


  2. Seriously, you are amazing!! You really should be writing books. First of all, I could have written the whole first part. I LOVE hotels and am unfortunately married to someone that is not as fond of them.....probably because he spends so much time in one.

    Thank you for the encouragement. I really needed that!! I love you!

  3. Christie - God used your words to help me this morning. Thank you for listening to Him and for putting things in the right light for me.

  4. Hi! I enjoyed this post~great word. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. Really...I only ordered iced tea, unsweetened at Sonic...after my workout. But you made me laugh! :)

  5. So true and what a great post!

  6. Hmmm....great post.As well as different character you are having.I like it.Anyways very interesting post.Thanks.