Monday, March 24, 2008

I Quit!

After a short but impressively convincing courtship by a new staffing company in the area, I have turned in a two week notice to my current employer.

I HATE changing jobs. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Even though I am convinced that I am going to THE MOST amazing company that I could be a part of, I dread the change.

Change is hard for me. Even in the littlest aspects of my life. So having to re-train the car to go to a new part of town, and getting used to a new office and a new bathroom... YIKES. And we haven't talked about a new team and a new computer system and a new mouse and a new chair. (excuse me while I schedule an emergency appointment with my therapist). Assimilation is just downright painful for me.

But here I go... And no doubt will be glad I did in about two weeks.

But before I go, Chris and I thought it would be nice to take a trip for a few days. So we started planning where we would go -- Vegas, New Orleans, Colorado. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I feel the tension going away. But then Chris realized that it just isn't practical for him to take time off right now because of everything going on at work. So I decided that I would just take off for a few days by myself and check into the Four Seasons and go to the spa and have breakfast and mimosas in bed and get some rest.

Funny how the plans started off so big and grandios. But my little-miss-practical-side keeps screaming at me about all I could be accomplishing around the house instead of lying around at the Four Seasons, and I've given in. So no get-away for me. My week has now ended up becoming a checklist of to-do's:
  • Get a new Social Security Card with my married name on it (since we're nearing our 12 year anniversary)
  • Organize the play room
  • Unpack the Spring Clothes
  • Get the dogs groomed
  • Get the garage door fixed
  • Paint ChellBell's new bedroom
Fun and enticing, isn't it? I did manage to make an appointment for a spa day in there, but that will be the extent of excitement during my time off.

So if you can help me out with an arguement for little-miss-practical, my little-miss-wants-to-have-fun side would be very appreciative!

PS. ChellBell was singing karaoke last night and has a new fondness for Pat Benetar's I Love Rock and Roll, especially the line "Put another dime in the juice box, baby"!!!

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