Monday, May 19, 2008

Lucky Thirteen

When I was in the sixth grade, living out our glorious (sarcasm) ten-month USAF assignment in Montgomery, Alabama, my parents packed up the car and drove us to Atlanta for a long weekend. I remember two things about that trip.

Everything started with Peachtree.
Our hotel did not have a 13th floor.

It was on that trip that I learned about superstition and the unlucky number 13. I didn't exactly understand the whole thing. How strange that they could just decide to not have a floor 13.

Chris and I are one day into thirteen years of marriage, having celebrated our 12th anniversary yesterday. It was a low-key weekend, and we didn't do much to celebrate besides paint ChellBell's new bedroom and go to Ikea (which is a real act of love for Chris).

It's a sweet story how Chris and I got together in the first place. But getting together and staying together are two totally different things. And sometimes we look at each other in amazement that we -- as complete opposites -- have made it this far and actually had a pretty good time in the process.

Now on our thirteenth year, we have:
Lived with 3 dogs
Had 1 child
Lived at 4 addresses
Owned 3 refrigerators
Owned 6 cars
Gone on zero bike rides together
Been on a TV show one time
Attended one church
Ridden in one limousine
Had 2 fights that we both remember
Burned through 7 blenders
Gone to Six Flags together 8 times
Worked for the same company one time
Each had a multi-night stay at a hospital
Sat through jury duty 5 times
Watched the series finales of BeverlyHills 90210, Ally McBeal, Friends, Frasier, X-Files, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Studio 60, Everybody Loves Raymond, and The Drew Carey Show
Learned that Chris really does like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and bleu cheese

I have also learned that:
Chris puts my happiness above his own
Chris works hard to help out around the house
Chris always checks the doors at night
Chris will always catch whatever is tossed to him
Chris is a great cook
Chris encourages me to use my creativity
Chris likes for me to have good friends
Chris is not jealous
Chris is convicted to do what is right
Chris is concerned about our financial future
Chris makes me laugh
Chris sings in the shower
and Talks in his sleep
Chris is good at his job
Chris is still my best friend

So who knows what this thirteenth year will bring. But given the chance, I wouldn't dare take this thirteenth out or skip it. Lucky or unlucky. Better or worse. Sickness or Health.

Because I can't imagine living life without you, Chris. Or imagine finding a better partner in marriage or parenting. You're kind of cool. And you rock my world. And I love you.

tons and tons

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