Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And they lived happily ever after

Today is the 28th of May, which is a big day. My parents are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary.

My Mom and Dad have been together twice as long as the time they lived life without each other.

Their marriage hasn't always been perfect. But it's always been committed. And it is a true testament to the fact that relationships don't have to be perfect to last. And to be "The One".

People aren't perfect, so marriages won't be either. But when you decide that that wonderfully un-perfect person is the one you want to be with, you commit and plow into life, well... that's a good start on marriage.

One of Mom's famous Mom-isms to me and my sister has stuck with me and will, no doubt, become one of my Mom-isms to ChellBell:

"Don't marry someone you can live with. Marry someone you can't live without."

Good, huh?!

I know some marriages end. And for good reasons. But I also believe that a lot of marriages end for not-so-good reasons. Because people get bored. Or see greener grass. Or they "change".

In every marriage there is a season of boredom. And there's always grass that looks greener if your eyes are looking for it. And everyone changes. But I'm really glad that my parents stuck with it. And learned to love each other better with each step. And learned to trust a Holy God who, at times, was the only thread that held them together. He was faithful to do that.

A heart full of huge thanks to you, Mom and Dad. For loving and forgiving and sticking with each other so well. And for teaching me to do the same with Chris. Your marriage impacts the generations that come after you.

It's your legacy.

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