Sunday, June 1, 2008

On the Seventh Day, God created friends

In my last job, I worked with several people who were adamant believers in the theory of Evolution. This led to strong but courteous debates, being that I am a staunch believer in Creation. There is something really healthy -- to me anyway -- about an opportunity to volley contradicting and controversial thoughts back and forth, especially when it gives me a chance to verbally defend my beliefs. Even those who truly hold to their Faith must be able to reason out a fairly long list of un-provable things.

Creation is not one of those.

Think about it. There are tangible, obvious, explainable reasons all around us for Creation being the only logical way we got here.

Think about the complex intricacies of the way our bodies and psyches are made and woven together. No Big Bang could have done that. Think about our need for companionship. Think about our memory. Think about our emotions. None of those things could have been made by coincidence or evolve slowly over time. This is the way we were made. Created. Divinely.

Today is a really hard day for me. Harder than I ever expected. Our dearest friends drove away from the house at 3PM today -- a one way trip to their new home in Austin. And I have to tell you that I'm sad. Stinkin' sad. Everyone says, "Oh, you'll still be friends, and you can go to Austin and see them." And that's true. And we will.

But I like Bec as my neighbor. I like having her run down the hill to my house to tell me something funny that happened during the day. I love to pop in to say hello and end up staying for an hour. I like to run up the street and play games on Saturday night. I like sitting next to her at church. I like to share our kids, and that our kids are sharing life. I like that we pick up things at the grocery store for each other. I like that we're always going to the same place, and we always go together. And we always have a great time.

So yeah, I'm sad.

And those ways that we are Divinely Created, well, those have been a bit overwhelming for me today. Because we do have a need for companionship. But sometimes we have to let go. And we are blessed with memories. But sometimes that is what we have left when the real thing is gone. And emotions... Well, let's just say that we can feel sadness just as deeply as we feel happiness and gratitude.

I'm not sure how to sum up 6 years of this kind of friendship. And believe me, I tried -- I wanted to say something stunning and eloquent today when they left. But I just cried. I don't think it can be expressed. Only felt. Thank goodness for memories, because boy, have we made some. And they say it all.

My sweet friend, you know that I love you and have loved our practically inseparable lives. I am so proud of you for who you are and what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish in this new adventure. For the Mom you are and the Wife you are. And constantly amazed at the Friend you are. And at the connection we have.

Divinely Created.

And that's no theory. That's a Fact.

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