Monday, February 4, 2008

6 years, and minutes shy of 6 months

My sweet ChellBell, today you turn 78 months old. That's right, 78 months. It's funny that after you were born, everything was measured in months. For, like, the first three years of your life. You were always such-and-such months old instead of actually graduating to such-and-such years old. I guess every month counted in your development. Well, every month still counts for me. So I will celebrate your months and write a special note just for you on your "month" birthday. Honestly, if I had more time to write, I would write to you every single day to celebrate every day that I have with you. Because my world is hugely better, more beautiful, and much more fun now that you're in it.

So what have we done this past month? We've tried to get you back into the routine of school after the holidays (they are quite disruptive, aren't they?), and Daddy and I had to get through those foster training classes. You've been so great, ChellBell, to give us the time we needed for those classes without complaining. You've also done a great job in BrownieScouts, and I'm proud of you for meeting your cookie goal! You endured me cutting your hair, and we've actually had fewer stop-brushing-my-hair-because-you-are-hurting-meeeeeeeeee yelling fits at night, which is such welcomed progress!

You acted so grown up on Saturday night when I had a headache. You came and rubbed my forehead with your sweet little fingers. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever. Daddy and I have done this thing to you -- raised you as an only child. Sometimes it seems like a disservice, because the only person you have to really care for with any regularity is yourself. Okay, so maybe the little dog, but he's pretty annoying, and just tolerating him should get you a star on your chore chart. So I thought it was really sweet for you to try to take care of someone else. You were so caring and concerned. And it made me proud. And there is no doubt that you will be a fantastic big sis to any little girl who comes into our house. Because you're that kind of girl.

We still need to work on your handwriting and making sure that you don't lose focus in your school work. But just between you and me, even if your handwriting is messy and you grow up to be, well, a little distracted (by then you'll know where you got it from, wink, wink), I'll still be proud of you. And I will always be glad you're my girl. You're exactly what I wished for. Big red curls, big smile, big spirit, and big heart.

Happy 78th month, my sweet.

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