Friday, February 8, 2008


Listen..... Shhhh. Do you hear that?

That's me cheering that it's finally Friday! And I am determined that this will NOT be the fifth Monday I've had this week. I woke with a sense of optimism. Or perhaps the first four days of this week have driven me to such insanity that my optimism is simply a delirious hallucination. But I'm too optimistic (or insane) to care.

ChellBell wanted to start off Friday talking about body piercings. Curious about where one would get their tongue pierced (as if I have a rolodex of piercing contacts... and hey -- is she taking notes???). And "Mama, what does it feel like?" as if I had gone through the experience of having a sharp metal object forcibly poked through my tongue. Then her questions moved from ears and tongues to bellybuttons, trying to figure out how they would get the back on that earring, since the prong was sticking into your belly.

You know, typical 6 year old carpool discussion. So non-chalant, as if we were talking about fruity pepples and coco puffs.

But she didn't ask how babies are made... So, I won't complain...

Happy Friday and Happy Weekending -- hope you have something fun up your sleeve!

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