Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where's the sofa? Oh, it's in the kitchen.

Saturday. Not really a day off in our house. So maybe we sleep in until 8, but it's definitely the 6th day of our work week, just literally a "work from home" day. Isn't that sad? Our last few Saturdays have been spent in Foster Certification classes, so our To Do lists have been growing. And today we had big plans. Here, take a look at our list:

We got through the first four, no problem (not that Chris was involved in my acrylic nail fill or attending a Southern Living at Home party by any means. But he did help me choose frames and plants, which scores big points with me!). We got home from errands around 4, ready to paint and then head to get ChellBell's new bed for her new room.

And then the phone rang. It was our contractor saying that they are available to start our construction at 7:30 AM this Monday.

Remember when the little dog dug the hole in the carpet many, many moons ago? We're finally getting new flooring. New wood floors, which has turned into a whole floor make-over for the downstairs, plus they'll be ripping out our stairs and rebuilding to match the floors including a new banister, and while they're at it, they'll just put new baseboards around the downstairs, and oh, maybe some crown moulding. Look what this little dog has made us do!

While I am very excited about the final outcome of this project, I did not prepare for all of this to start on Monday. Which means all of my furniture (from the family room, piano room, and formal dining) has to be moved into the kitchen, which is the only floor that won't be changed. (yes, and this call came at 4 PM). Plus the dogs have to be boarded for the week while the floors "cure", whatever that entails. Too bad the vet is closed by 4 PM on Saturday and not open on Sunday, so I can't make an appointment. How conveeeeeeeeeenient. Not to mention we have a group of adults coming over for Bible Study tomorrow evening who would probably like a chair to sit in...

We made good progress moving all the furniture this afternoon (thanks to our friend Jeff who helped Chris lift the heavy stuff), though not much progress was made on the rest of our to-do list. I guess it will be another week before ChellBell gets to move into her new room.

The reality is that sometimes the process is painful in order to get to the outcome we want, and we kind of have to take the whole package. No a la carte.

My poor kitchen is starting to look like, oh I can't decide, either an estate sale or a tacky home decorating store. You be the judge. I can't access any cabinets or my oven right now, but of course we kept a clear path to the refrigerator. But it will all be worth it in the end. Right?????


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