Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's play the High-Low Game

Or, um, the Low-High Game, which is more accurately how we play it at our house, because the thought of starting with the Highs and ending with the Lows is a little depressing. This is a little exercise that we do around the dinner table as a way of finding out all the things that happened throughout the day for our family. Only one rule -- the 1:1 Ratio Rule -- where there has to be a High for every Low. Some days we have really good ratios, and other days we find ourselves really stretching like "The high for today was that I had clean socks to wear" or "no one made me eat mayonnaise" (which should make my High list every single day being that mayo is one of the grossest things ever).

So let's play!

Lows for the day: ChellBell had to stay home because she had a low-grade fever at school yesterday. Chris is out of town all week skiing. I had to drop ChellBell off at my In-laws house for the day because I've already missed so much work from my own lingering, weight-reducing illness. The FIOS cable box went out just when we were going to watch American Idol tonight. And last, the little dog ate ChellBell's cough drops. I think that makes 5. Not bad for a Wednesday.

Highs for the day: My In-laws were sweet to watch ChellBell so I didn't have to miss another day of work. The little dog suffered no physical damage from eating the cough drops. I had a very yummy chowder at lunch today (I mean really, really good, enough to legitimately make today's list). Today marks one year from when ChellBell asked Jesus into her heart. And last, but not least, my sweet friend Keri was born on this day thirty-something years ago and the world has been a better place ever since. That makes 5, and that was actually pretty easy.

So let me tell you about Keri, because she certainly deserves more than just the number 5 spot on the Highs list for a day. Growing up an Air Force brat, we were the stereotypical family who moved constantly. Seriously, if we stayed in a house for more than a year, we'd have to move all the furniture around just to get that feeling that we were in a new place. As you can imagine, friends with tenure were virtually non-existent. Except for my friend Keri, who showed up in my life when I was six and has thankfully been there -- regardless of how far away -- ever since.

If I've ever done anything nice as a friend, it's because I've had an amazing girl to learn from. The words inconvenient and obligation just don't have a place when it comes to her friends. Neither do time or distance. She has a humorous honesty and will always make you laugh when you need to laugh and let you cry when you need to do that. She's the friend who always picks out the perfect gift that you probably wouldn't ever have taken the time to find for yourself. And the girl is organized. It's amazing. She's amazing. Almost a Saint. She just has to perform some kind of miracle now and we can make it official. And if a challenge went out, I swear there would be a hundred girls fighting to be first in line as the one who loves her the most. (But I would win...) Have a faaaaaaabulous birthday, my friend! May everyone be so lucky to have a Keri to put on their Highs list!

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