Sunday, October 28, 2007

How much is that Doggy in the window?

I know you check the blog every few days waiting for a new story about the little dog. And for a while, you've had to put up with my personal impartations of my view of life, because the little dog has actually been quite -- well, moderately -- good (though it's all relative at this point). Hope you haven't been disappointed.

But I guess the little dog heard your sighs and needed to be in the news again. So here's your update...

On Saturday, the little dog went to get a hair cut. We had waited way too long to have him groomed, but honestly, the verdict was still out on whether or not he was going to remain in the family. Seeing that he hadn't really torn, chewed, or ruined anything of significant value in a while, we decided to invest. So off he went. And he returned weighing about 3 pounds less from the hair cut and looking like a smart little Miniature Schnauzer.

I guess he wondered where all his hair had gone.

So he went searching.

And looking.

And digging.

For some reason, he decided to dig in the middle of the family room.

And he dug.

And dug.

And dug some more.

And now there is a 5 inch hole in the middle of the family room. Through the berber and the carpet pad, exposing the slab.

So I guess we will be getting new flooring this week.

And as for the little dog, well... don't worry about him. With his new, smart hair cut, I'm sure he'll be adopted quickly when we take him back to the rescue shelter where we got him.

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