Monday, January 21, 2008

My weekend: dropping LBs and mouth-to-mouth

So I'm on week 4 of this pneumonia-thing, but this morning a silver lining appeared as I bravely stepped on the scale. I usually only allow myself to do that after long periods of regular workouts, but I guess a long period of illness accompanied by a small appetite and constant vomiting can yield the same results…

My friendly scale showed that I am down around 15 pounds from my normal weight, so I reached to the back of my closet and with a smile pulled out my skinny pants, thankful that there is some benefit from being sick for so long. Unfortunately, I don't have much energy these days, but while I’m slouching in my chair or propping myself up against a wall, at least I will be beaming -- in between my wheezing and coughing -- with thin pride. (Until my health comes back, and then I will have to start my workout regiment again, but that’s a different blog for a different day -- sorry Tina!).

Okay, so I have to tell you that I took my first-ever First Aid /CPR class on Saturday as the final part of our Foster Parent classroom training. WOW -- what a liberating feeling! I really feel like if someone was in need, I could jump in and know what to do with confidence. Someone said that Seattle residents are required to go through these courses in order to get a driver's license which seems like a fantastic idea -- a hassle no doubt, but it is knowledge we should all be equipped with.

So here's my dummy whose mouth I blew into all day Saturday. Until his head popped off, which kind of freaked me out, and I had to move to a new guy. Hate when that happens.
Sans the baldness, the dummy looks a lot like Chris when I make him go to the mall -- pasty white, in a trance, mouth opened but no words coming out... I guess that's why I felt so comfortable with the little guy...

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