Monday, January 4, 2010

One-O-One (101 months)

Dear ChellBell,

Happy one-hundred-and-one-months to you! Your “century” (100) month flew by while we were busy celebrating life and the holidays, so I’m happy to be kicking off 2010 by writing about and celebrating one-hundred-and-one months of YOU.

When you think of 101, you probably think of Dalmatians (which is a lot of Dalmatians, by the way. Can you imagine if they were all as bad as the Little Dog??!!)

When I think of 101, I think of a highway in California that runs by the ocean. I think of the temperature it reaches in Dallas before school even lets out for the summer. But mostly I think of guide books and tutorials. You see, “101” is a phrase that people use when they are talking about an introduction to something. For example, “Blogging 101” would teach the basics of blogging. “Sewing 101” would teach basic stitches and how to thread your machine. “101” has become synonymous with “getting started.”

2010 is going to be a big year of growth for you as you finish the 3rd grade and turn 9. We are hoping to take you to Hong Kong and China this summer to see your Mimi and G’Daddy, so you’ll get exposure to different countries and cultures. I can tell by the phrases you use and the questions you ask that you are going to move more and more into the world of Tween-ness this year, long before I will be ready for you to reach that destination. 2010 will be a year of you learning the basics about getting older, like “Texting Your Friends 101,” “Downloading Apps 101” and “Not Spending All Your Money on Downloading Apps 101”. I pray that you will sail through “Loving People Even When They’re Not Nice To You 101” and “Including Everyone Even If They Are Different From You 101”. No doubt you will think that being a Tween is being grown-up, but you will learn otherwise from my lessons to you entitled “Remembering That Your Mom Is Older And Wiser 101” and “Just Because You Think You’re Grown Up Doesn’t Mean You Are And Certainly Doesn’t Mean That You Don’t Have To Listen To Your Mom 101”.

The past month with you has been fantastic. I always love our time together over the holidays, with no work or voicemails or emails to interrupt. I’m glad that we celebrated Christmas from the first day of December until the last, and I’m glad that Christmas was more about making memories instead of just the packages we opened.

You are amazing. Sometimes I am baffled at how you got that way, considering how trial and error our parenting is. Thanks for believing without a doubt that you are loved. Thanks for believing that I will always be there for you. Thanks for believing that I am crazy about you. Thanks for believing in yourself. Thanks for making my life so full. Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for not being afraid to ask me about things. Thanks for being my little friend.

That, ChellBell, is Life 101.


  1. Another beautiful post. She is one blessed little girl.

  2. Again this has to be one of my favorite post. What a wonderful mother you are and ChellBell sounds like a jewel.
    Have a fabulous Monday!

  3. Just when I think you last letter to ChellBell was the best, you come and outdo it! Beautifully written to a beautiful girl. I may be coming to you for advice in a few years as mine is 1.5 yrs or so younger than ChellBell. She is a blessed girl to have you as a mom!

  4. I love it, I love it, I love it. Brilliant post......and hooray to taking ChellBell to Asia next year because that's where SIngapore is which means that's where you lonely friend will be!!!

    Love you!

  5. Happy 101 Chell! I enjoyed spending time with you this past week and seeing what a mature young lady you are turning into!!

    Love you!

    ~Miss Becca

  6. you write the most beautiful letters to your sweet little girl. will you let me tell you how I feel about my wonderful children and then write sweet little letters to them about how I feel?! Love it and I've missed you!