Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Extraordinary-ness of Sept. 8

What is extraordinary about today?

For the 66th time, my Dad will celebrate another year of life today. And those of us who are lucky enough to know him, celebrate alongside of him. Let me tell you about him…

My Dad always has a good joke to tell.
He sets his DVR to record shows that he thinks I will like.
He is a gifted writer.
He has beautiful handwriting.
He taught me to dream big.
If he can see it in his head, he can build it, sculpt it, draw it, paint it.
He is the fix-it guy with cars and leaky pipes and gadgets.
He retired as the Director of Advertising for the Air Force.
He grew up in a family that mocked education, but he worked his way through college and then completed a Masters degree.
He has been married and faithful to my mother for 42 years.
He still gets emotional when he talks about how much he loves “his girls” – my Mom, my sister, and me.
He has a keen sense of right and wrong, and he chooses to do what is right.
He tells my husband that he loves him and is proud to call him “son”.
The only thing more important to my Dad than his family is his faith in Christ.
Daddy sees things in analogies. He looks around and sees how daily, routine things can help us understand bigger truths.
He is humble.
He is an engaging speaker.
People like to follow him.
He has a passion for showing people who God is.

I respect him as a man, not just as my Dad. To me, he is a drum in the band, keeping time, keeping everyone on course. If he were to stop or get off-beat, we would all be lost. He is one of the rare people who can look back on life and know that he made a difference. Not just to one person, but to hundreds. I doubt he’d ever do that, because he keeps looking ahead, looking to see what comes next. And if anyone is grateful for the impact he’s had, he would attribute it all to God.

Extraordinary, indeed.
Happy Birthday, Daddy.


  1. Wow, Christie! What a man and what a tribute. xoxoxox You have a lot of his amazing traits!

  2. Aren't Daddy's wonderful. It is so great that as adults we see our parents for who they really are and not just the people who boss us around when we are know it all teenagers. Make sure you tell your father how important he is to you every chance you get and continue to make awesome memories.

  3. That is such a nice tribute to your dad who sounds like a remarkable man. I can see you in some of the things you said about him.

  4. Can I meet him? He sounds like such a wonderful man and supporter and truly someone to celebrate and call extraordinary! You are blessed.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. I hope he has a fabulous birthday!

  6. I love your tribute to what sounds like an amazing man. I wish I knew him! Happy Birthday!

  7. Beautiful words for what sounds like a fantastic guy. Happy birthday to your dad!

  8. Geesh!!! A little warning would have been nice.....crying all over the place here!

    I am so proud that I can say that I know your dad. Never mind that fact that he married Scot and I, but I think I've known everything you've described about him since I was a little girl, which means he is also consistent and steadfast in the way he lives life.

    Beautiful post!

  9. I LOVE that picture of you and your dad. So sweet. I can tell how much he means to you. My dad's birthday is next week. He passed away 4 years ago. We celebrate it every year by writing a letter to him and putting it in a balloon. Hug your dad and appreciate every moment with him.


  10. I can barely see to type because my eyes are filled with tears..... Beautiful.

  11. Wow. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. No wonder you turned out so well!

  12. Awe, so so sweet! What wonderful things to be able to say about your dad. Love the pic of the two of you! Hope he had a very happy birthday!

  13. Your Dad sounds like a terrific man! Happy birthday to him :)

  14. Dad's are the best!! You got his wonderful writing skills, along with all those other attirbutes!!

    Happy Birthday to him!!

    xoxo ~Lisa