Sunday, September 6, 2009

Extraordinary-ness of Sept. 6

I was thinking about my monthly notes to ChellBell this morning and was reminded that God, the One who breathed the universe into existence, the One to whom the earth is a grain of sand, even as big and holy as He is, that same God gets all tickled about me, the same way I feel about ChellBell. He gets overwhelmed with his love for his children. He's crazy about us! The way I feel about ChellBell is just a fraction of what God feels for me -- what God feels for us.

And that, to me, is extraordinary.


  1. Perhaps that is why God put us in "families" we would understand how He felt about think? We are supposed to learn about God's love for us through our moms and dads. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. However, I am so grateful God is faithful to show us the true heart of our heavenly Father. So, as you are relating to God in your love for Cella, just think of the picture she is getting of how much He loves her! Neat, hun? And I love you too. Mom

  2. Amen, sister. I couldn't have said it better. What a mighty God we serve.