Saturday, September 5, 2009

Extraordinary-ness of Sept. 5

There has probably been a time or two when someone has called me Spoiled.

(I'm sure it's only been a time or two.)

But after today, it is confirmed. I AM spoiled. (But it's YOUR fault.)

See, it all started with Shawn, and her ultra-fantastic birthday swap, where we got to send a box of goodies to a fellow blogger as well as receive a box from one of the participants.

My box came from Sara over at A View To My Life. Spoiled, I tell you! Look at all these great things:

See what I mean? Votive holders, a candle, coasters, books, a magnet notepad, flip calendar, lotion, stamps, and photo edges. One thing you can't see are all these hand-made cards that Sara, no doubt, spent a ton of time on. Thanks so much, Sara, for a great swap box. And thanks, Shawn, for letting us celebrate your birthday with you!

If that isn't spoiled enough, I've gotten a couple of awards from really neat bloggy-friends:
This neat "friends" award came from Heather at Visions of Sugarplums, Kelli at Outside My Kitchen Window, and Mandy at Mandy's Life After 30. I'm so appreciate of good friends in blog-land and glad that I have gotten to know these neat women!

Can you believe that Mandy spoiled me with three (yes, I said THREE) more awards?!

You MUST go visit Mandy's blog -- she's such a great, candid writer! She says what's on her mind and "keeps it real"!

It is extraordinary to be spoiled! What extraordinary thing did YOU uncover today?


  1. Thanks for sharing your "loot" and sharing some new blogs..
    The birthday swap sounds like so much fun...

  2. You did get spoiled didn't you?!!? Thanks for participating, I'll be doing it again soon!

    Congrats on all the awards!


  3. Looks like you got some great stuff!

  4. Yay! You got way cool stuff and congrats on the awards :)

  5. Congrats on the awards. The gift looks wonderful. I think every mommy should be spoiled every now and then.

  6. Great stuff from the swap and love the awards!!


  7. I LOVE you stuff! The Prayer of Jabez is such a good book to have!