Thursday, July 30, 2009

We will Transcend

My friend Michelle called the other day to check in and say "Howdy!" She had just finished Kelly Corrigan's book The Middle Place and was very moved by it. She told me about a YouTube video of Kelly reading an essay about friends (gosh, how did we ever live without YouTube?!) and thought it might mean as much to me as it did to her.

I share it with you now and hope we all get to the finish line of life having shared the journey with amazing friends, those with whom we can transcend.

I'm in the middle of Eclipse, so I must run (I'm keeping Edward waiting... Ha!). This series is addicting -- YIKES!


  1. How wonderful! It is so important to have those friendships in our lives.

    I love those Twilight books!


  2. Wow...that was great for a good mornign cry! I think I should call my close friends now. :)

    I'll look that book up!!! Thanks!

  3. oo wow.. I agree with jenjen so important to have those friendships!

  4. I'm working on a post now about how important friendship is (i call them my goonies and my ya-ya's). There is nothing sweeter in life than sharing those wonderful moments with a good friend, even better if it involves chocolate and a cocktail too! :-)

  5. i saw that video a couple of weeks ago. so good...
    oh and those books are so addictive.... the movie was horrible though. i am hoping that the "New moon" will be better...

  6. Christie,
    Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for the games you sent me that I won from your bicentennial giveaway. I guess the mail person put the package in the door yesterday, and I didn't know it til tonight.
    Thank you, again!