Monday, June 8, 2009

Friend Makin' Mondays -- Summer is Here!

It's Friend Makin' Monday hosted by sweet Kasey over at All That is Good.  Today we're sharing 10 things we love about Summer.  

Summer officially started in our house today.  I'm off with ChellBell today, and our Nanny starts tomorrow.  Being a working Mom presents its challenges for truly enjoying summer, because, for the most part, life goes on as normal.  Thankfully, by having a Summer Nanny, ChellBell gets to sleep late, go to the pool every day and have a fun, lazy summer.  And even though I will get up every morning and go to the office, I still LOVE summer, and here are my Top 10 reasons why:

1.  Grilling kabobs and corn on the cob and then eating outside (we like to climb up on the trampoline and eat our family dinner there together).
2.  Pedicures and open-toe shoes.
3.  Float-In Movies at the neighborhood swimming pool
4.  Snow Cones after dinner - there is a place called Buck's not too far from us -- it is a whole restaurant just for snow cones -- amazing!
5.  Our family trip to the beach
6.  Lots of sleepovers for ChellBell and her friends
7.  No school zones on my way to work, which means I can push the snooze button one more time.
8.  Watermelon - I can't get enough!
9.  Celebrating July 4th
10. ChellBell's birthday

Oh, I am getting excited about summer now!  Thanks Kasey!  If you want to join in the fun, go here to learn how.

Happy Monday (and Happy Summer)!


  1. You are such a fun mom - movies at the pool, dinner on the trampoline, snow cones for dessert! I bet your sweet girls love summer too.

  2. Those are some fun things!! I love, love, love the Frisco Sno-Cone lady, too! And how cool that y'all have picnics in your trampoline?! But I think my favorite might be #7!! So funny that you've figured out what can get you one more snooze push--I can relate! =)

  3. Great list...

    Fellow Dallas blogger here...

    I love taking the kids to get a snowcone...oh my the line can be so long sometimes. LOL

    Happy FMM!

  4. Hi Christie!

    Happy FMM! What a good list. Have dinner on the trampoline sounds fun - I will have to do that sometime! Our neighborhood pool does the float in movies too - my kids love them!

    I hope you have a super Summer with your husband and cute daughter!


  5. Can I come to your trampoline and eat corn...yum. That sounds like a fun activity at your pool. And I love the part about no school zones...I forgot all about that.

  6. Float-in Movies!?! What a great idea! :)

    Great list! Happy FMM!

  7. float in movies?! I am so intrigued! I want to do that it sounds so fun!!! Hope you have a great week!

  8. Oh how I'd love to have a Buck's down here! That sounds so good right now.

    Here's too some fun summer weekends together- seriously, we need to plan them now!!


  9. float in movies? Do you sit on floats in the pool and watch movies? My toes and fingers would get quite wrinkly! sounds cool though. Looks like you make great memories for Chell belle. Happy Summer!! BTW I have been eating like crazee just finished a huge bowl of chocolate brownie chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and before that donuts. Awwww back to the real world!! no more beach trips with health nuts! eeeek!

  10. What a great list! I think dinner on the trampoline sounds awesome...and I want to go to a "float-in" movie!

  11. Bucks sounds like a great place!! BTW, I now feel the need to change the wording of my "Summer Rules" to "Summer Activities". That's brilliant and a good way to make it all sound a little less harsh! There I go, copying you again!

    I hope we are a stop on your way to or home from the beach!

  12. Oh, I love that you thought of no school zones! So true, so true. I wish we had a float-in movie, that sounds fun!