Saturday, June 6, 2009

94 Months (and 2 days)

Dear ChellBell,

Here I am, late in posting my monthly note to you about turning 94 months old. And now you're actually 94 months and 2 days.  And a lot has happened in the past month.  

We spent the night at the zoo.  A first and probably a last for me, but I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  What I would give to be young and resilient after sleeping on a concrete floor in a skunk-smelling room all night!  

You earned your purple belt in karate and somehow convinced Daddy to give karate a try.

You were a beautiful flower girl in Miss Jocelyn's wedding.

You were chosen as Student of the Month at school -- way to go!

You auditioned for your school talent show and made it.  Even your teacher got a little teary-eyed when you performed in front of the whole school -- what a brave thing to do!

And you successfully went from being a second grader to a third grader!  Hooray!

You have learned a lot this year, and it's amazing to think back to the girl you were when I dropped you off that first day of 2nd grade and compare that girl to who you are now.  You've grown in so many ways -- in confidence, bravery, compassion...  And you will need all of those things to be successful in the third grade.

Remember in Alice in Wonderland, how some of the doors were really small and some of the doors were really big?  Third grade is a really big door.  It's a door into big-kid land, where so much will be expected of you.  It's a big leap from the second grade.  And there will be times when you get frustrated and want to quit somehow, but you'll learn to keep going and give it your best.

But for now, it's summer.  And summer always promises wonderful, lazy days of hanging out at the pool, watching movies, and going to camp with friends.

I say it all the time, but I want you to know that I L-O-V-E you with capital letters.  I think you are one amazing girl, and even if you weren't mine, I would want to know you.  But I'm so glad you ARE mine.  You make my world wonderful.



  1. But she *just started* second grade! I remember!! How is time going this fast? Our little girls are getting so big. So big. This is a beautiful picture of her here, as usual.

  2. Congratulations to ChellBell on all of her wonderful achievements!

    Christie I love your sweet posts celebrating your daughter. And I would love to see a post about the night at the zoo!!!

  3. I love that you write these notes to her! (And I just scrolled down to read your FMM post - great reading tips!)

  4. Dear Cell,

    I miss you a lot. You look very pretty in that picture. I can't wait to go to summer camp with you.


  5. Look at ChellBell go...purple belt, Student of the Month, making the talent show. How fun.