Saturday, May 2, 2009

If you see a man scowling...

If you see a man scowling in the Dallas area,  it is probably my husband.

It started last Wednesday when the notice went out that ChellBell's school was shutting down because of a confirmed case of Swine Flu.  Shortly thereafter, her after-school program director called to say that the children from her school were not allowed into the building for fear of contamination (even though she was riding the bus to the facility with kids from other schools and most likely spreading any swine germs that she could possibly have, but no one mentioned that potential risk).  So Chris left work and picked ChellBell up.

And then last Thursday, Chris worked from home with ChellBell there, which evidently yields little productivity.  Then later that evening, I left the office only to find that my car battery was dead.  Fortunately, a co-worker was able to take me home since neither of us had jumper cables. 

So then Friday morning, Chris and ChellBell had to take me to work Early for an unusually early meeting that I was unable to reschedule.  Early with a capital E.  And Chris had to run around getting my car started and the battery changed.  With a seven year old in tow.  Which evidently can be very annoying and frustrating.

And now we're on Saturday, and today I "strongly encouraged" my sweet husband to do the two things in life that he dislikes most -- spend money and do yard work.  We went to view ChellBell's formal portraits this morning, and Chris has now invested in a 22x28 portrait that will be passed down through the generations.  It's breath-taking.  And the price seriously took Chris' breath away.  So much so that he didn't speak to me for about an hour.  Until I took him to Sprinkles and got him red velvet, and that seemed to make everything better.  And then we came home and did yard work until the sky started pouring rain.  Chris H-A-T-E-S yard work, and the gift of red velvet seemed to wear off quickly.

He is a little scowl-ish right now.

I am hogging the computer and ChellBell is watching the new Jonas Brother's show.

And Chris is probably wishing more than anything that he was a bachelor right about now.

So I will wrap up this blog and show him a little love.  And maybe get a second job to pay for my portrait and a landscaper, so I can get back in good graces with Chris.

Hopefully the scowl won't last too long.


  1. Oh no! What a week! This swine flu is seriously an annoyance! We've had some school closures here, but so far not my kids' school.

    It's so hard to know if it's an overreaction, or a good precaution!

    I'll be glad when it's over! Sorry for they scowly hubby, but at least you have some nice pictures and a beautiful yard!

  2. Chris really does sound wonderful, which of course does not surprise me. :) Let him read this post and see how we have to look at these things with your sense of humor! Sorry about the tough week!

  3. See if you can find any authentic Taiwanese restaurants that serve bings. Maybe that would put a dent in his scowl. Or have Steve Tester or Kelly Cole send him an email in Chinglish. Grasping for straws here!

  4. My Chris would be scowling after all that, especially the spending money part. But you and I both know that we have wonderful husbands (thank God).

    Can you post a photo of her portrait?

  5. Opps. That was me signed in as my mom.

  6. oh wow! what a great husband. he definately needs some tlc.

  7. Oh - your poor husband. He sounds like a sweetie - he will get over it quickly. Maybe he needs another Sprinkles cupcake. That would cheer me up too!


  8. Your comment about him wishing he were a bachelor made me laugh! We all have those moments. What a good wife of you to recognize he needed some TLC. Hope all of your Sunday is better!

  9. Poor Chris :-) He will treasure that picture in 10 years & forget what he paid for it. Hope today's going better for him!


  11. Awww...poor Mr. Chris!! SO, I'm thinkin' the only cure for his blues would be a trip down here to see his best friend....oh wait, that's you...and me!!'s hard for me to give you advice on this one b/c I am soooooooo like him and the whole "sticker shock" thing!! I am sure it is beautiful though!!

    I miss talking to you...when can we get a phone call in??

    Have a great week!