Monday, August 4, 2008


Dear ChellBell,

It's a huge, huge day! One you've been waiting for for about 364 days, and one that I've been dreading. You are seven.

neves is seven backwards, in case you were wondering.

I look at you and can't believe that it was just seven years ago that you joined the world with your big scream and curly red hair. I can't believe that it was just seven years ago that I didn't know what it was like to be a Mom. I've learned a whole bunch in just seven years.

I've learned that my heart had all these rooms that I didn't know about, and you somehow just turned the doorknobs and opened up new adventures. I've felt more happiness and joy in the past seven years than in the preceding thirty. I've felt more frustration and loss of control. I've prayed for God to increase your resilience through my mistakes. I've learned to let go. I've learned that it is more fun to jump into rain puddles than tip toe through them or try to go around. I've learned that eating dessert first is really a great idea. I've learned that you are not me. I've learned that you have to be responsible for your own choices. I've learned that giving you everything you want isn't the best idea.

And I've learned that I don't operate well without you. And when you're not with me, I think about you. My hand feels better holding yours and twirling you around through the grocery store. Your giggle is the best sound in the world, and your smile... it's such a terrific grin.

And your strong side. I've learned that you can be strong. Strong-willed. And that your pipes are strong when you are screaming. And you are stubborn. And unreasonable. And emotional. And just like me in so many ways.

But I wouldn't trade a hair on your head. Not a single red curly hair.

I think we make a good pair. We've been matched well. And my heart is thankful.

Have a great year as a seven year old. Make choices that are a year better than choices you made last year. Try things that are a year harder than you did as a six year old. Find one more year of bravery and courage in yourself. Concentrate one year longer on those tough math problems. Be one year kinder to the people around you.

But one thing will stay the same. And that is that I can't love you any more than I already do. But every day I'm finding new reasons to try.

Love, Mama

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  1. Happy Birthday ChellBell!!! Love this post, Christie. It's so honest and really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks!