Monday, July 28, 2008


"What goes up must come down."

I've heard that phrase my whole life but never really understood it until the dot-com market crashed. Industry is very cyclical and will feel the top-of-the-world highs and the depths-of-the-valley lows. We've seen it in IT (read: Information Technology, not "it") before and will probably see the latter before we see it increase again. It's just a part of this wonderful thing called the economy.

I've spent some time wondering what business I could go into that is recession-proof. Business that would never have to correct itself because there would always be a need. I've come up with two. The first is the business of paper products. Like the bathroom personal kind. We can't do our business without it. We will always need it. The second is the business of making stuff stick together. Think about it. Regardless of the economy, we will always have a need to make things stick together, either by traditional Elmer's, a glue-stick, super glue, snaps, velcro... There will always be a need for adhesion.

So being the big dork that I can't help but be, I researched Velcro. For those of you dying to know, Velcro was invented in 1941 by a German inventor. and people did not initially see a need for it. Those people obviously did not have toddlers in tennis shoes that needed to be at day care in the morning. Velcro is made up of two pieces of synthetic fabric, one having "hooks" and one having "loops" that, when stuck together, hold tight like a burr to dog fur. We experienced burrs all over the Little Dog at my parents' ranch not too long ago, so I associate well with this analogy, which, in fact, was the inspiration for velcro in the first place. In case you were wondering, Mr. Velcro-inventor won a Hall of Fame award for his invention, once Moms got tired of trying to button little clothes on Barbie dolls and got smart about the velcro.

Sunday night was a Velcro kind of night. I needed a little adhesion. I needed to connect with some friends whom I have not seen in way too long. Good girlfriends are like the best Velcro, aren't they? It's not that we're all alike, because we probably wouldn't connect so tightly if we were. Some need to be the hooks and some need to be the loops. Not that there is anything synthetic about us (that we would admit to anyway) -- it's just downright real connection from heart to heart. Our conversation spanned from Jesus to panties, and I love that there are no "no-no's" in our discussions. Just life.

Perhaps the best recession-proof business is the business of connecting with people. Sticking by your friends. We'll always need it, can't live without it, and wouldn't want to even if we could. Thanks, my Brunch Bunch friends, for sticking so close.

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