Sunday, February 17, 2008

WOW is MOM upside down

My Mom has been cancer-free for two days now. They took out her "sick", as ChellBell calls it, on Friday, leaving her with scars and a new badge of Cancer Survivor.

Watching the process of my Mother being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, grapple with the reality of her new "state", and rise against being defined by her sickness has been an education for our whole family. By quietly watching, I have learned a lot about my Mom, as my perspective has seen beyond her maternal role, to the role of a female struggling with a condition that has threatened to take a part of her femininity. I've also seen a sincerity in her Faith that could only be proven by a "test" of this magnitude.

Mom would blush at the idea of being compared to Job (remember that guy from the Bible who had everything taken from him?), but when it is pronounced that you have Cancer, you do feel like the world -- as you know it -- is being stripped away. Some are mad at God. And they have the right to be, and God is ready for that. Others deny, which is normal. Some turn into a heap of fear, with the sheer terror of what might be outweighing hope and optimism.

Not to say that Mom didn't have all of these moments, but they were all curtailed by her unwavering belief that Cancer is a speck of dust in the hands of her God. She would not let the "sick" inside of her rule her, when she has a God inside of her that is bigger than anything a doctor can diagnose.

I think everyone who has witnessed my Mom has matured a bit and been inspired by the way she has handled this season of her life. I would venture to say that we will all live life differently after seeing Mom trust wholeheartedly during this unnerving time.

I hope you have a Mom that you think the world of, like I do. I thank God for the strong, unwavering example that I have in her. From now on, I think every day will be Mother's Day. Kind of makes you want to at least pick up the phone and call your Mom, doesn't it? Yeah, me too.

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