Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Major or Minor Leaguers

Almost 8 years ago, I made a decision that raised a few eyebrows among my friends.

I joined the Junior League.

Gone are the days of the Country Club Junior League, at least here in Dallas. This is a group of women who are, for the most part, driven by their excitement and obligation to serve their community. And that’s exactly why I joined.

But this other thing happened. I met some really neat girls. And one night I found myself at Mi Cocina sipping a Mambo Taxi with one of those girls, Kayla, wondering “What on earth am I doing here?” Seriously, here is this skinny blonde cute-beyond-cute medical malpractice attorney sitting across from me chatting about life, and I’m searching desperately for the ways that we are alike, the ways we will bond as friends, and coming up empty-handed. She’s smart. And I mean Smart. With a capital S. And she’s always right. On account of her being so smart and all. And cuter than anyone could ever wish to be, with the perfect outfit and accessories at all times. (see why I was feeling a little, well, disconnected??).

So after slapping myself out of my moment of insecurity, and not letting myself judge books by their covers or attorneys by their Pradas, I have found myself in the midst of an amazing group of friends. Friends who have lived life together for almost 8 years. And Kayla has been right there in the middle of us. Being her smart self. And showing us the best places to buy cheap accessories and UGG boots when no one else could find them. Demonstrating her enviable crafty, cooking, and DIY skills (I swear she makes a better Martha Stewart than Martha herself). Being the Queen of Resourcefulness. Saying the things everyone is thinking but not brave enough to say. Saying what she feels and admitting her flaws (um, all 2 of them) with humor and candidness. Praying for all of us during her insomniac nights. And being the glue that has kept my frazzled self together, especially during the past two weeks.

Happy Birthday to you, sweet Kayla. Celebrate in style, the same way you do everything in life. You are a rock to me. I love how you always seem to step into my shoes before I’ve even gotten there, so you can know best how to be a friend.

And of all the things you do well, being a friend is definitely the thing you do best.

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