Saturday, February 23, 2008

Give Up or Give In

The girl scout cookies arrived about 3 hours ago (see ChellBell's BFF, Anne, hiding in the cases), and I already have a stomach ache from eating too many Tag-a-longs. I swore I would pace myself, but it was too much temptation. This is what happens when I have to wait an entire year for the smooth peanut-buttery-filled-crispy-cookie covered in chocolate with just that little bit of waxy aftertaste.

I put the other 3 boxes in the freezer for rationing purposes, along with 3 boxes of Thin Mints. But there is no lock on the freezer, so who's to say how long that will work.

Sheer willpower. It's a scary thing to be dependent upon. Especially during Girl Scout cookie season.

And whose great idea was it to deliver GS cookies during Lent? Not that I celebrate Lent (one selling point of being Protestant), but I do sympathize with my friends who felt God's call to give up sweets during this season and now just have to sit and stare at the 12 boxes of Samoas that they ordered before God's call came. And now day after day you are asking God if you heard his voice right, and maybe he asked you to give up beets during Lent, instead of sweets...

So you can either have a timely conversion to a Protestant church -- all the same benefits of salvation, with instant confession, less memorization, and no Lenten season. Or you can make space in the freezer for the cookies, and get through Lent with the satisfaction of knowing that even Thin Mints couldn't take you from God's instruction.

Give it some thought. In the meantime, I have a box of sweets beets to get started on.

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  1. Ha! Ha! That is funny miss christie I liked your blog
    I love you, anne