Friday, December 7, 2007

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly...

And then let's move outdoors and string some lights from bush to bush and we've just got to have some sparkly things hanging from the trees and, oh, we have this big wooden Santa to stick in the yard, and I got all 101 wooden dalmatians that we could scatter across the lawn, and don't we have some flashy icicle lights that we could put around the roof (it's okay that they don't quite reach all the way across), and I found this big blow up santa snow-globe and we can just stick him in front of the plastic baby-Jesus-in-manger that was on sale at Big Lots, and of course we need to put the blow-up-music-playing Santa-on-a-motorcycle somewhere in the yard, and we have one string of lights left so we could just put it on that tree over there, and let's put the life size star of Bethlehem on top of the house, and some candy canes around the yard.

There... Do you think that's enough?

Chris and I went for a little jog with the dogs last night, which we do every Thursday night when our babysitter-extraordinaire comes to take care of ChellBell.

Is it just me, or is it absolutely exhausting to walk by some of these homes that are decorated for Christmas? And it's not just because there is a lot of stuff -- for many, it's just the obvious lack of planning. I liken it to ChellBell pulling out every piece of jewelry in the house and wearing it all at once. With big red lipstick smeared across her mouth and a horrible shade of purple eyeshadow that she found in the back of some drawer.

We went by one house and the little dog started growling -- it was way too much, even for the disaster dog.

We have a regimented HOA for our neighborhood (Home Owners Association -- you know, the committee for all the people who got picked on as kids, and now they can rule the world with their yellow messages stuck on your door reminding you that you have a weed in your side yard or a leaf that dropped from a tree that needs to be cleaned up, and -- by the way -- they have noted it in your home records...). So why is there no CDA during the holiday season (that would be Christmas Decorating Association) keeping a reign on the chaos of exterior holiday extravagance? Seriously, if your yard can be seen from space because of the over-usage of electricity or if you have to start using your neighbor's yard for your decor overflow or if people cock their head to the side and say, "I just don't get it" when they look at your yard, YOU MAY HAVE A PROBLEM. Now I understand that there are neighborhoods designated as the place to go see Christmas lights, and I have no problem with that, because it's one of those things you sign up for as a resident. And normally those neighborhoods produce an organized, festive display.

We do not have that agreement amongst our neighbors. But there are a few who evidently feel the need to make up for all those families who keep their holiday cheer simple and fashionable and well-thought-out. But it seems that they put all their lights up during the day and then just surprise themselves at night when they finally get to see their "masterpiece". (Christmas Hint #1: if you are going to "free flow" with your lighted decorations, please decorate after the sun goes down)

So let's remember, as we display our Christmas spirit for all to see, that we should keep it a silent night, holy night, with all things calm and bright. I vote for No Loud Christmases. How about you?

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