Thursday, August 4, 2016

Let's Do A 180... (Months, that is!)

My dearest Chell-Bell,

When you were young, I used to write to you on the 4th of every month to document the progress you'd made that month - new words, new foods, new "firsts".  As you've grown, those monthly posts have become few and far between, even though you've continued to experience new things and have new "firsts".  Today is a good day to revive that tradition, because today marks 180 months of YOU.  It's stunning to think you have been growing up under my nose for 15 years, and yet that number still takes me by surprise.

I look forward to seeing you live your life as a 15 year old.  You're tough, and you've got some battle scars to show how you got there.  You're silly, and not everyone may get your puns, but those who do appreciate your gift. You're wholesome.  That's not a popular word these days, but staying in the lane of what's right will save you from a lot and serve you well.  It also means you hang out with friends who have an appreciation for what is good, and those who have similar values. You're confident in who you are, which is a gift in itself.

Challenge yourself this year to ensure that no one is invisible. Even people doing the least notable thing around you -- make them feel valued.  Make them feel appreciated.  Consider every encounter - whether a smile in passing or sitting next to someone in class - a divine occurrence, and make it count.

Cheers to 180! (Hey, if you were a dog, you'd only be 2!).
I love you!


  1. She's an amazing girl! You've done well, friend!

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