Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

The nanny called me at the office to say that baby Emmy found her feet. Not that they were ever missing -- she just woke up one day and realized they were there. And not only did she discover that she has feet, she also discovered that if she leans her head forward just a little bit and at the same time pulls her feet up toward her face, she can easily fit one foot nicely in her mouth.

One day, say in about 14 years, she will be mortified that she ever did that. And I will have lots of pictures of it to show her friends and potential boyfriends. Gosh, I love being the parent!

If I'm honest about my feelings, there's something kind of gut-wrenching about getting a call from the nanny to hear about the baby finding her feet for the first time. I mean, it's crazy-exciting that she's exploring her world and discovering new things, but it's also painful to realize that she's doing these things when I'm not there to experience them with her. Even as I sit in my office doing a job that I love, there's nothing I wouldn't have given to watch little Emmy shoving those toes in her mouth for the first time.

With ChellBell, I was home during her first 18 months and got to see a lot of her "firsts", although ironically I was at a Junior League meeting when she rolled over the first time and was in the bathroom when she took her first step (Chris got to experience both of those moments). But largely, this working-mom-with-a-newborn thing is new for me. I read a post today where a woman professed her jealousy of her SAHM friends, and I would guess that many working moms have those moments, just like many moms at home have those moments where they wish they could have a day at the office.

I'm learning to juggle it all including the realization that I'm going to miss out on some "firsts". But I figure that there will be a first time for me to see her do everything, even if it's not really the first time. There will always be days where the grass looks greener in someone else's yard, but for today I'm just going to enjoy my work and then rush home to tell Emmy all about the piggy who went to the market.


  1. This is a good way to approach these firsts, Christie. :) I'm so proud of you. Love YOUR BIG SISTER ;)

  2. The great thing is that you have a job you enjoy. If you didn't this would be impossibly hard.

    Tell that little cherub to do some cute things on the weekends!

  3. It's hard, no doubt about it. I specifically asked Cooper's provider not to tell me if he did anything at daycare first. I knew if he took his first steps there it would devastate me. I'd just rather not know and pretend I'm seeing it for the first time. :)

  4. I work part-time and the grass often looks greener on the other fence (the side where the moms don't work outside the home). I have to remind myself that my job is also a blessing.

  5. I was re-reading some of the news letters I wrote to Madelyn during her first year recently, and I wrote to Madelyn that none of her "firsts" counted unless I witnessed them myself.

    But I know how you feel.

    On the other hand, one of the things I love about being a working mom is that mental "gearing up" that I do all day in anticipation of the evening with my babies. I'm so charged to see them after work, and so energized to roll around the floor with them or have whatever "evening party" we have planned. The little explosion of love we have everyday when we reunite is pretty darn's almost a perk.

  6. What a true post. Isn't it amazing the things we get get excited about. I always wanted to see all the first but then I read a children's book, that talked about remembering the last time (rocked you to sleep, held your bottle, etc.) Though it is like the Love You Forever book and the kids laugh and the parents cry. It made me stop and take another look at life.
    Have a great weeke!