Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flip-Flopping -- It's Back!

It's the 8th day of June, and ChellBell is STILL in school if you can believe it. We have end-o-the-year parties today, and the final bell rings tomorrow after lunch. And summer can (finally) begin!

But summer has already begun all around us. Most of you have already had a week or two of vacation and pool time and staying up late and sleeping in. The signs of summer are everywhere -- fewer school zones, less traffic in the mornings, and the snow cone stands that have popped up everywhere. One of my favorite signs that summer has begun is Becca's Bloggy Flip-Flop exchange where bloggers from across the country swap flip-flops, the absolute necessity for summer.

So whether you have already started on your summer tan, or you are still driving carpool every morning like me, head over to Becca's blog and get started. Tell her I sent you!

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