Monday, April 4, 2011

Haikus from a new Mom

Week One:
You were very loved

Before you were even born

Welcome to the world!

Week Two:

Sleep has been exchanged

For holding this sweet baby

What a lovely trade

Last night (Week Three):

Baby sleeps all night

Mama stays awake checking

Oh the irony

And some Iambic Pentameter from the Little Dog:

I can't believe they brought a baby home

She's always in my spot on Daddy's lap

Who is this mistress stealing all my love?

Did they forget that I'm the baby here?!

I will not have a thing to do with her

In hopes that one day she will go away

And in the meantime, I will sit and sulk

And find more things to chew on in the house


  1. Started my day with a smile reading your post -love this! So enjoyed the visit with you last week!

  2. What a cute post, and oh how true. Isn't it amazing how we so badly want the babies to sleep but then when they do we almost wake them up checking on them. Love the photo on your facebook profile, so sweet.
    Congrats again!

  3. Wow, you are SUCH a multi-talented mama!! :) Really, those were sweetness!