Friday, January 21, 2011

A Mom's Request

Dear Baby Emmy,

7 weeks from today, you are scheduled to make your debut. I will be holding you in my arms, which seems a little surreal to even think about. And while the last 32 weeks have seemed like a long wait, my heart has been waiting even longer to add you to our family.

But we do have 7 weeks left before that magical moment of your birth, so let’s get a few things straight.

1. I need sleep. I am well-aware that after you are born, you will keep me up all night, and I am prepared for that. But right now, I take carpool in the mornings and go to work and need to actually be productive at the office, which is difficult to do when you keep me up all night. Kicking and moving from 2 – 5 AM is just not acceptable. Please try to do whatever it is you are doing in there between the hours of 8 AM and about 10 PM.

2. Please stop making me throw up. You and I have been together for 32 weeks now, and the whole throwing up thing in the beginning was tolerable, even sweet some days, because it reminded me that you were in there and growing. But at this point my belly looks like I swallowed a small planet, I pee all the time, and you constantly kick me (refer to request #1), so I seriously no longer need the throwing-up as a reminder. We are all fully aware that you are alive and well.

3. My bladder is not a trampoline. Please stop bouncing on it.

4. My ribs are not for playing hide and seek, so please stop trying to wiggle your way behind them.

5. Please enjoy the 7 weeks you have in your nice, warm environment, because I don’t think – for a while, anyway – you’ll find the outside world to be as cozy and wonderful. In our world, the lights are very bright, you have to ask for food, and there are dogs who will want to smell (and maybe even lick) you. Once you get used to all of that, though, you will realize that it is pretty cool out here. You’ll realize that you have this amazing family including a really funny Daddy who will sing silly songs to you and rock you tirelessly when you are unhappy. And your big sister, who is so loving and will make up songs for you and try to make you laugh and teach you how to read. There are so many friends and family members who have been praying for you for an awfully long time. There are all kinds of things to explore – things that have different colors, things that all feel differently, and things that have different smells. There is hugging and kissing and laughing. And the shoes… Oh, there are the most beautiful shoes waiting for you!

6. We are getting a beautiful pink nursery ready for you with the most amazing crib, and everything will be ready for you when you arrive. But no need to rush – stay your 7 weeks.
You have a whole lifetime waiting for you.




  1. I cannot wait to hold you too, Little Emmy! :) Love you, Christie. Hope you do get some sleep!

  2. Oh man, the shoes may cause premature labor, you should've left that detail out. What a cute and beautiful post, except for the lack of sleeping, peeing and throwing up, that's terrible! Hang in there! Glad to see you posting. You have such a gift.

  3. Sweet Baby Emmy - take care of your Mama!! We love you both so much!!

    ~ Sort-of-behind-Aunt-Carie "Aunt" Becca

  4. This makes me cry!!! I hate missing out on everything! I can't wait to meet Miss Emmy this summer! Oh, and can I surmise that you found the missing part to the crib? Any Shakespeare on the wall this time? Love you!

  5. You are hilarious! Love this post! My baby's name is EmmA. I like your choice!

  6. I've got a lot longer than 7 weeks before my new baby gets here (until August 15ish to be exact), but if I remember what it was like the first time I think I'd be asking her to let me sleep AFTER the birth. lol