Monday, August 30, 2010

Sign Language - Asian Style

Chris, ChellBell, and I had the privilege of taking a two-week trip to Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau) this summer for our family vacation. Since Chris and I grew up in Asia, we were very excited about giving ChellBell the opportunity to see that part of the world. She did very well, with little complaining. She even ate (or tasted, I should say) BBQ chicken foot.

Although Chris has kept up with his Mandarin skills, we were still curious to see how the language barrier would impact us. Fortunately, all of the "critical" things we needed to know like "danger", "toilet", and "fire escape" were all communicated in pictures and signs. But as we started looking at the signs around us, we found them to be more humorous than informational. Take a look:

Sign for the toilet (but only ballerinas allowed):

Please, people, put some clothes on those lights!

Run fast through the doorway! (I'm not sure where it will take you...)

If you go down, you might as well go down singing.

The voices in my head have been telling me to mind them for a long time...

No pets allowed, or just no happy jumpy dogs?

This sign was posted at the log ride at an amusement park.
I love that the plastic bags are so giving.

In America we do not have issues with foul dogs.

Hey, look -- a new word: Combining tiny and thin gets you "thiny"

I have nothing to say about this one (except that we should have purchased this shirt).


Oh look! You can get more Obama here at the language center:

Yes, that really says "Corn Embryo Oil" which gives me the willies to even think about.


  1. Yes you should have purchased that shirt! Thanks for sharing the signs.

  2. Now those are a scream. I love the naked lights sign and yes you should have got that shirt.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Very interesting stuff! It's always so intriguing to learn about new cultures. The signs are hilarious...and the way they interpret them into English is so funny!

    What an awesome family trip!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  4. I'm a little disturbed by a few of the pics but it was great entertainment! How lucky for you to take such an awesome vacay!

    ~Stalking via JennyKate~

  5. Love these pics, so funny! Reminds me of my trip to Korea and all of their funny signs, lol!

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