Saturday, February 20, 2010


This time last week the ground was covered with snow. The keep-kids-out-of-school-for-days kind of snow. The we-don't-get-this-kind-of-snow-in-Dallas kind of snow. Most mornings in our house involve lots of coercing and bribing to get ChellBell out of bed, but it's amazing how wide awake that girl is when the words "snow" and "school is closed" are uttered! It took just minutes for Chell to jump out of bed, put on boots and a coat, and be outside ready to play in this oh-so-strange-but-oh-so-cool white powder.

ChellBell's friend, Sarah, came over and the two (with some help from the Dads) built a 6 1/2 foot snowman complete with scarf, hat, and chenille moustache. I was so impressed at what the Dads girls accomplished! Sadly, the temperature started rising, and slowly the snowman began to lean waaaay to the left. And then he started melting. For days, there was just a small pile of ice sitting where the snowman once stood tall. And just a few days ago the ice completely disappeared, leaving us with only memories of our record snow fall.

This week has been crazy for our family, including the burial of "Glen-Paw", who has served the role as my Grandpa for the past 30 years, a robbery at my parents' house, and making some difficult decisions regarding my Grandma's health and treatment. Earlier this week we went to spend some time with Grandma in the hospital -- her health is declining daily, and we believe we are nearing her last few days. It was a shock to walk into her hospital room and see a much different woman than I had seen just weeks before. As happens with age, her body is failing and she is weak. It reminded me of that snowman that the girls built, who used to be standing tall and proud, but is slowly becoming just a small resemblance of what used to be.

And just like the snowman, I am bracing myself for the day when she will be no more. Where even the small pile of snow will completely disappear. And we will be left with only our memories.

But oh, we will be so thankful for the memories!


  1. Oh, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one and the declining health of another loved one and a robbery at your parents' house. A challenging week indeed. I am praying for you and your family.

    You have such a wonderful way with words and analogies. I have missed your blog post.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of Glen-Paw.......I know how hard that is. Coupled with your Grandma, it makes for some very reflective moments.
    I miss you!

  3. Your snowman does look very impressive.
    I am so sorry to hear about your Glen-Paw. It is always hard to lose a grandparent no matter your age. We will pray for strength through this loss and the decisions you have to make with your Grandma. May you have strength through it all.

  4. Christie, so sorry for your loss(es). You certainly are an example of how to face challenges with faith and grace. I pray for God's strength and love to guide you through these difficult times--and for him to impart supernatural wisdom.