Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dear ChellBell,

Today you are 99 months and 1 day old. Thanks to a blogging hiatus, you skipped right over 98 months, and here we are practically at the turn of a century.

Remember when you learned to count? I don't mean from 1 to 10, I mean BIG counting, when forty, fifty, and sixty were involved? Remember when you learned to count all the way to 100? This is how you always said it: "ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.......One hundred!" You would always drag out that last nine until you were ready to move on to one hundred.

I kind of feel that way about ninety-nine months for you. This has been an amazing month of fun, of growing up, of losing teeth, of hanging out, of character-shaping discussions. And you have weathered it well. And I would like to freeze time here for a bit. To drag out ninety-niiiiiiine just a little longer, until we have to move on to 100. But unfortunately, life doesn't work like that, so I will snapshot the memories in my heart and look with anticipation to what comes next.

It's a lot like those teeth that you're losing. Like that one last front tooth that needs to come out. Do you know why it sticks straight out instead of pointing down like the rest of the teeth? It's because there is a grown up tooth coming in, pushing the baby tooth out of the way. I see the grown up tooth, and there just isn't room for both. And just like your teeth, you're losing a little bit more "baby-ness" every day. My prayer is that as the grown-up-ness starts coming in, it will reflect all the things God made you to be: kind, fair, inclusive, sharing, patient, and beautiful.

You know I love you with my whole heart, and then some. Happy 99 months!



  1. I think I say this every time but these are by far my favorite posts you do. I can't imagine how special ChellBell will feel when she is an adult reading these. What a wonderful mom you are to take the time to do this each month.

  2. OMG she is a beauty :) I had to do the math and figure out how many years 99 months is! My girl's not quite there yet - they sure did get big fast though!

  3. Great picture! I love your analogies. I am sure these posts make her feel so very special. She can treasure them forever.

  4. Teary-eyed again. What a great post. By the way, that's how Ainsley counts now. She drags out ninety-niiiiine. So cute!!

  5. Oh 99 months - that is a milestone! You should have a 100 month party for her. What a darling girl!


  6. Too cute! Happy 99 months! I just love the way you write- it's so great! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! bye-