Thursday, September 3, 2009

Extraordinary-ness of Sept. 3

Thursday. Ahhh... Thankfully Friday is right around the corner, and a long weekend is on it's way.

The great thing about committing to blogging about the extraordinary-ness of each day in September, is that I'm constantly on the look-out for something fantastic to happen.

Today, the extraordinary came in the form of a zucchini. (Yes, a zucchini. Stop laughing!) This zucchini was given to me by a co-worker who hit the jackpot at her Uncle's garden last weekend. Seriously, this extraordinary zucchini was longer than ChellBell was at birth and weighed about 4 pounds.

I stuffed it with ground buffalo (our new replacement for beef), tomatoes, corn, and Italian seasonings, and topped it with cheese. And it was GOOD! My anti-zucchini family ate seconds! Even better, we took the seeds out of the middle stringy part and roasted them just like pumpkin seeds.

Take a look:

Rivaling the zucchini for extraordinary today was the scoop of chocolate-jalapeno gelato I ate at Paciugo. Seriously, have you ever heard of such a thing? Spicy, rich chocolate gelato -- yumola!

Not a bad day! What was extraordinary in your life today?


  1. That zucchini is HUGE!!!!! Those seeds sound yummy!

  2. Where do you get ground buffalo? I'm interested! We had an extraordiary outing to Ainsley's first baseball game. Lots of fun and craziness tonight!

  3. Whoa baby...that thing is huge. How nice of your co-worker to share! I'm going to love this thankful things that you're doing.

  4. mmm...that sounds good! Just curious about the switch from cow to buffalo. I'm way into finding healthier ways for my family to eat, so if it's a heath thing, please let me know.

    Your daughter is so cute! I'm so jealous your daughter has red hair. Neither of my kids got my hair. :(

  5. Yummy zucchini I love them! I have never roasted the seeds though.. good idea! I certainly have never heard of chocolate jalapeno gelato!! But I love chocolate and I love spicy things!

  6. Wow, that is one GIGANTIC zucchini! Love it and love this post. I love what you're doing in September. The love fest continues at my place b/c I think you're so fabulous that I'm giving you not one, but FOUR AWARDS. Come on over and see what I'm talking about! :-)

  7. That is a huge zucchini! Wow! And that gelato sounds good! Two of my favorite tastes combined...

    Thanks for your sweet comment during my meltdown. It meant alot!


  8. stopping over from MANDY'S LIFE AFTER 30 - love your blog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE come see me, we'll see if we can work something out!

  9. That is a really big Zucchini! WOW! Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

  10. Stopping over from Mandy's. Congrats on the awards. Stop over for a visit!
    - CougarTales