Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

This one will not be there.

I'm thinking that the Little Dog's picture is posted on the pearly gates of Dog Heaven with a big circle around it and a line slashed through.

This dog does not qualify.
Because he eats everything.
I mean it. EVERYTHING.

His latest antic? He decided to have Cella's school supplies for dinner. The menu included crayons, markers, pencils, and erasers.

And for dessert? He found my purse and ate birth control pills.

At least we know he will not procreate.

You would think 14 pair of shoes, a tube of caulking, thumbtacks, a double-A battery, 2 pounds of chocolate, a cell phone earpiece, no less than 20 packs of gum, a tube of toothpaste, a clothes hamper, 3 library books, makeup, and countless homework, plus his latest choices, would be the death of him.

But no, he's fine.
The happiest, healthiest, cutest darn dog you'll ever meet.
Go figure.

He is kinda cute, isn't he?


  1. He's adorable but it sounds like he's a bit of a turd!

    Stop by when you get a chance ~ I have a little something for you!

  2. Love it!!! What a little stinker, but sure a cute one!!!

  3. He will not kill me! Best line ever.

  4. aww he is a cutie! But what a mess!! Our dog's favorite thing to eat.. dirty diapers! gag!

  5. WOW!! That darn could make a movie.

  6. Oh my, that does DOES eat everything! Nothing is safe around him! Kinda funny he has eaten birth control pills and batteries.

  7. What a troublemaker, but he looks so cute :D

  8. OMG...birth control! That is too funny. Sounds like a little tooter pants to me! Your post had me laughing hysterically!!

  9. He's adorable!!btw: I have one like that too. She ate the family bird...very tragic!

  10. Oh that is funny - although it really should be! And birth control pills - you would thin that would mess up his system.

    He is a cutie!


  11. Looks don't fool me! I go for actions. Bennie is BIG TIME into the fooling business along with his eating habits. Maybe you should send him to school!

    And many think what he has done is SO FUNNY
    ...mostly because it was not their school supplies, shoes, and other assundry things. Hey, maybe when you have wriiten 250 blogs... you could give a LIVE prize!!! :-D

    Like I have often said...I am glad to keep Duffy for you - anytime, but that other one
    ...not my grand-dog. Sorry. No family resemblance!

    Love you, Mom

  12. Oh my!! We had a lab like that. Ate my dining room table the night I gave birth to my firstborn. Literally, sat there and just chewed away. Damn, I miss that dog :)

    xoxo ~Lisa

  13. Oh, my thanks for the laughs. I just had to die laughing at the dog eating the birth control.
    Our dog ate through the door framing in our utility room.
    So wood might be the next thing on the puppies diet.

  14. Oh Benny...and the Jets!!

    I am always amazed to hear what he can stomach!!


  15. The dog really did eat the homework?! I thought that was just a line... ;)

  16. Oh, he is so adorable and what he does is so funny...since it's not my stuff he is chewing up!

    We are getting hardwood floors put in next week in part due to the fact that our ten year old start destroying some of the carpet on the stairs six months ago. I hope she doesn't move on to the furniture after the carpet is gone.

  17. AWE! He's really really cute...and is sounds like he's pretty mischevious ('cheevy' as Isaiah says). It's amazing the things that dogs can digest. Our lab ate a whole role of duck tape one time...and later "returned it"...EEEEWWWWWW!...No thanks!

    I've been missing visiting your blog! I've been such a bad blogger lately, but I'm trying to be better.

    Hope you guys are having a great week!♥

  18. Hah! That's why we don't have a dog (although he is awfully cute!) Hope the pills didn't mess him up too much!

  19. Ok, he is seriously so adorable! He'll get into heaven based on that sweet face alone!

    Oh yeah, and didn't he also eat your family room floor? Just sayin'

  20. But, he's so freakin' cute! I'm glad our little schnauzer doesn't have those jeans...or is it shoes?, in him! :)