Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh, the games we play...

pssst -- *200th post coming up next!*

I love, love, love summers for ChellBell. She gets 3 months full of activities and swimming and hanging out with friends without the pressure of school (I know, I know, she's just going into the 3rd grade, but pressure is relative...).

But just to make sure she doesn't lose her "learning edge," we have a set theme for every week of the summer and plan activities and a memory verse that correspond. This week's theme is "The 5 Senses," and I have arranged activities each day of the week to coordinate with a different sense. In addition to that, ChellBell and her sweet nanny, Kala, are reading all about Helen Keller this week.

So after learning all about "sight" today, ChellBell invited her friend Sarah to come over to our house to do their favorite thing, which is jump on the trampoline in their swimsuits and have water fights at the same time. Today the water fight turned into a game of tag, and they ran around that trampoline soaking wet trying to tag each other. Hilarious to watch!

Funny that not much changes through the years, because, believe it or not, I've been tagged! My friends Becca at Texas Darlings and Kasey at All That is Good tagged me in this fun 6th folder/6th photo game. Fortunately, there was no water involved, and I did not have to wear a swimsuit! Here is my picture:

Definitely not the highest-quality pic that I have, but it's one of my favorites! This is ChellBell doing a dance/cheer routine in her school talent show back in June (in front of the WHOLE school!). I was so proud of her for going for it! Look at that herkie she's doing with her hair flying - makes a Mama proud...


  1. How high is she? It looks like a great jump.

    You are a very creative mom!

  2. I was just reading another blog that talked about continuing the learning through the summer and I love it. That's what I'm trying to do with Jamison too.

  3. oh Wow! looks like she is way up in the air! I know you are very proud!

    Hope you are doing well!

  4. That jump is high! Awesome!!

    I hope you've documented all your great fun/educational ideas so I can mooch off of them. Please? You have such fabulous ideas!!

  5. She's so talented! And I'm so proud of her...and you! XXOO

  6. Wow she's flying! Great picture!

  7. you are a wonderful mom and have some amazing ideas! she is one blessed girl to have you as a mama!

    Did Becca tell you I want to make a road trip to come and hang with you two girls!