Monday, June 22, 2009

If it's from Disney, is it really Rock-n-Roll?

Joe, Nick, Kevin.

3 boys being talked about non-stop in our house these days. They have a few things in common. First, they like music. Second, they sell a lot of records. Third, they have the same last name.


ChellBell had the thrill of her first "real" concert this weekend when the Jonas Brothers kicked off their World Tour in Dallas. The concert happened to be only the 2nd event hosted at the new Cowboys Stadium which is, in 3 words, A - MAZE - ING. Completely amazing. We've heard all about the stadium being built for a year now, and we were dying to go. Even Chris suffered through a night of Jordin Sparks, the JoBros, and about 50,000 screaming pre-teen girls to go check out the stadium. And he wasn't disappointed (though 3 trips to the bar for Jack & Coke probably had something to do with him surviving the night with a smile!).

But ChellBell could not have cared less that we were in the Cowboys Stadium. We could have been in an airplane hangar as far as she was concerned. Her focus was locked on those three boys on stage, and she only took her eyes off of them when she closed them to scream. Especially for Nick. She thinks he's the cutest. (And I have to agree).

Miley popped in to sing a song with the guys, which topped the evening for Chell.

I don't know about you but when I went to my first concert, I was old enough to be dropped off and go with my friends. I'm so glad we did this with ChellBell while she was young enough to have parents in tow and actually be thrilled to be hangin' with us...

Here are some pictures of the night.
(Be warned: the disclaimers said only small point-n-click cameras, so I didn't get to take my good camera -- the pictures are evidence of that...)

Getting Ready - ChellBell picked out this new Ed Hardy skirt because it "looks like a rock concert" and, of course, had to pop on a hat...

Chris and ChellBell "resting" for a picture during our 3/4 mile walk to the Stadium

There it is...

Anxiously waiting for Jordin Sparks to stop singing, so we can get to the main act!

The guys had the coolest stage -- they even put a trampoline down for one of the songs!

This where the stage rose up over the crowd, and the guys sprayed everyone with foam from fire hoses!

Miley and Nick. ChellBell thinks they're getting back together (who knew that they were ever "together" in the first place?!), but she's sure that he'll realize his mistake and want to marry her one day. I think I could handle Nick Jonas as my son-in-law!

One very happy girl.
Which makes for one very happy Mama.


  1. oh, what parents do because they love their children.

    I am glad you all had a good night.

  2. That is so sweet. My mom went with me to a concert once and it was cool! That will be something she will always remember. Glad she (and you) had fun.

  3. I wondered how things went Friday evening... and how Chris survived paying for the parking, etc. Glad it was such a great evening. I was really excited when I heard that Chris was going with you. Great experience for you as a family. And I'm glad you are getting to do so many of those things you wanted to do as a kid and your mom wouldn't let you do! :-D
    I love you...Mom

  4. Oh, that really does look like so much fun! Glad you all got to do it as a family. I love how in the last pic you can just tell ChellBell is so, so happy!

  5. Looks like so much fun!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!


  6. Awww. how fun. she looks so cute in her hat and skirt! Were your ears about to explode with all the screaming?
    I took Lex to a Cheetah girls concert one year and with all the preteens screaming it sounded like a bunch of whistles going off. I swore I would wear ear plugs from then on. I am getting old!! ~Rose

  7. aw! you guys clearly had a good time. i can't wait to have a little girl and have these types of experiences!

  8. Oh how hip is she!? Xoxo-BLC

  9. Wow, your husband is a saint to go! He sounded a lot like what my husband would have done: 1. gone just to see the new stadium. 2. made the experience more tolerable with several Jack & cokes. I have to agree with you all too, Nick is the cutest! How fun you got to experience her first concert with her.

  10. Can't wait to ask Chell all about this. Bek was very, very jealous. I think she wants to marry one of the Jonas Brothers too, but she's too old to admit it. :-)

  11. How fun! She will always remember that! And how great that you were able to go with her. You are such a great mom.