Saturday, April 18, 2009


ChellBell came up with this great saying that has become a staple in our vocabulary.  "Sandwiched".  When she curls up in bed with us, she is "Parent-Sandwiched".  When she sits between Morganne and Sarah, she is "Best-Friend-Sandwiched."  When she gets in between the dogs, she is "Puppy-Sandwiched"

Today I was Sandwiched.


I was with my Mom and my Daughter.

With Mom on one side.  The woman to whom I owe life, but also to whom I owe Life.  She taught me about Faith, and she has shown me what it looks like time and time again.  She loves me unconditionally, but even more than that, she has always let me figure out who I am and who I am not, and she loves the Me that I find at the end of the questioning.  Not because she has to, but because she wants to.

Sandwiched with my Daughter on the other side.  Ah, ChellBell.  My heart aches from loving her so much.  For wanting her to dream big dreams and live every moment that comes her way.  To choose to be happy in every season of life.   To keep her innocence and her quirky sense of humor.  To jump in rain puddles barefoot and to lick the batter bowl.  

Two people I am truly, honestly privileged to have in my life.  Three generations just spending the morning taking pictures, catching up, sharing news, laughing...  It was a wonderful morning of being Sandwiched.

(Mom's hair is growing out!  Doesn't it look cute? Click here to read about my Mom's recent journey)


  1. Love all 3 of you guys!!!! Your mom's hair is so much longer than it was last time I saw her.......which seems like a completely idiotic statement since I haven't seen her since January.

    I love being sandwiched.......I haven't been in awhile. Several Open Faced Sandwiches with a friend or loved one on one side of me, but not truly sandwiched. I'm craving one right about now......

  2. what a sweet post. i love the picture. what a portrait of beautiful women.

    I wanted to say thanks for your kind words on the post about my uncle. it meant a lot to me! i appreciate it!

  3. Great picture! Your word picture is also beautiful. I love the way you talk about your mom and daughter.

  4. Oh that is so sweet! Being sandwiched is awesome.

  5. What a cute term! I'm glad you have such great people to be sandwiched in between!


  6. What a beautiful picture and how lucky you are to have these 2 special "girls" in your life!

    Hope you have a great week! We will miss you Wednesday!