Saturday, April 4, 2009

ninety two going on fourteen

Dear ChellBell, 

Today you turn 92 months old.  That breaks down to 7 years and 8 months, and just 2 months shy of closing the door on the second grade.

This has been a very fun month for us.  Seriously, there is nothing, nothing, nothing you could ever do to make me love you less.  But you keep finding ways to make me love you more and more.

I was watching you run through the park the other day, and I had to stop for a moment when I realized how long your legs are and how tall you are and how you went from a sweet-baby-face to a beautiful-girl-face overnight.  You are learning about problem solving and doing for yourself and communication.  It's all so very grown up, and I'm not sure I'm ready for it.  You have become my little friend rather than just my child, although I will continue to remind you that I am the Mom when the need arises.

You are like Daddy in so many ways.  You definitely have Daddy's wit and sense of humor.  Both of you like to take the easiest, fastest way to wherever you're headed, while I will make sure to get there the prettiest way.  You both are more introvert than extro-, but you both make people feel included.  You both are very simple and are very kind to put up with me and my total avoidance of simplicity.  

But there was hope the other day that you might be a tad like me, when you put on your new Tory Burch flats (yes, Chris, I splurged) and announced that even though they didn't feel so great, they were very cute and that you would wear them until they got comfy.

That's my girl.  That's just how most cute shoes are.  And they're worth it, once they're worn in...

I am so happy that we have solved our hateful-in-the-morning dilemma, now that Daddy and I are bringing you breakfast-in-bed.  Why didn't we think of it sooner?? It is an easy solution to a horrid problem, don't you think?  I'm glad it's working.  I do feel bad for the man who marries you, because he will be stuck with breakfast-in-bed duty, and I'm thinking that he won't be too thrilled about that one.  But I'll do it every morning, if it gets you up on time with a smile on your face.

So, happy 92 months of You-ness.  I'm so very happy to be your Mom.  It is definitely my favorite job in the world.

All of my xoxoxoxo to you, my sweet.


  1. She is one blessed kid! And, "I do feel bad for the man who marries you" ha ha!! LOVE it! Bet that one is going to be hard to live up to.

    Again, it's another sweet letter.

  2. It is 11:12 pm here on Saturday nite in Round Rock, and I have your sweet girl for the weekend. (Since you very generously allowed me to have her for Morganne's birthday- thanks!). The boys (our hubbies) are in the "man cave" and the girls are still going strong....what can I do...catch up on my favorite blog!

    Now I get to add to the love of Chell. She has been the sweetest thing this weekend- she has hugged on me and felt Ian move and just said the sweetest things.... and she is definitely making up for me not having you here!!

    I marvel at how our girls are not "little" anymore and they are maturing right in front of our eyes! And I feel privileged to have been able to see this remarkable growth of your little girl. Thanks for allowing me that!

    Have a great Sunday- sorry your weekend was blah..... know that we missed you.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful letter to your darling girl. Totally got me choked up, thinking about how fast it all goes.

  4. You are so sweet to bring her breakfast in bed. You are also so sweet to write her all of these special letters telling her why you love her so much.

  5. What a sweet letter for you to write and for your daughter to save for a lifetime. I love her red hair! (I'm sure I've said that before)

  6. You are such a wonderful mom. It is so easy to see how much you love your cute daughter!


  7. You are the sweetest Mom! I am inspired to do something special to document my children's months/years. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!