Monday, April 27, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday - The 5 Senses

For me, Mondays are synonymous with 8:30 AM staff meetings, 7 PM piano lessons, and (my favorite thing) Friend Makin' Monday, created by Kasey over at All That is Good.  If you want to join in the excitement, go here to see all the how-to's and rules.

Today we're talking about the 5 Senses.  For each one, Kasey has asked us to list 4 things we like and 1 thing we dislike.  That seems like a daunting task, but I'll give it a whirl...

1.  Candy Corn and Peanuts mixed together.  My friend Becca got me hooked on these.  I am probably the only girl looking for candy corn at the Walmart in April.  
2.  Peach Bellinis
3.  Avocado (And if you live in Dallas, you MUST have a deep-fried Avocado from Hectors on Henderson's -- it is a little bit of Heaven)
4.  Watermelon.  I think I could live on this one food alone.

Dislike: any creamy, dairy-based food like cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, whipped cream...  I know that's a lot of different things, but they all fall into the YUCK category for me!

1.  Roses
2.  Freshly Cut Grass
3.  Garlic cooking in my kitchen
4.  Freshly brewed Hazelnut coffee

Dislike:  Spoiled Milk.  Disgusting!

1.  A colorful and well-accessorized room.  There is nothing so inspirational to me than seeing a beautiful room with lots of color.
2.  Pictures of ChellBell -- she takes my breath away sometimes!
3.  The ocean
4.  Shoes.  Of all shapes, sizes, prices, and colors.  And honestly, my favorite sight would be those shoes getting put into a Nordstrom bag preparing to come home with me.

Dislike:  Spiders of any type.  Even writing that word gives me the absolute creeps.  

1.  Soft baby blankets
2.  Kissing Chris
3.  Playing piano
4.  Walking barefoot on sand

Dislike: Wooden spoons.  For some reason, I can't cook with any wooden utensils because I can't stand how they feel in my hands.  Strange, I know...

1.  ChellBell's giggles
2.  Christopher singing
3.  Jazz
4.  Church Bells

Dislike:  The alarm clock in the morning.

There it is, in a nutshell.  Sadly, I have about 15 more foods to add to my Taste list -- that one could be a blog post in and of itself!

What are your likes/dislikes?


  1. Ahhhh...I have been patiently waiting all day for your fun addition to FMM!!

    I didn't know that about wooden spoons....funny that I have known you all these years and all I can think of is, "oh gosh, did I ever hand her a wooden spoon to cook with?"

    I hope you have a wonderful week!!


  2. I've been waiting for your post!!! Totally anticipated the white food thing you've had going on for as long as I can remember. Didn't know about the wooden utensil issue. Funny how Friend Making day can enlighten even the oldest of friends!!
    Miss you!!!

  3. Christie,
    I loved your list!! I whole-heartedly agree with the alarm clock.

    I did not grow in Hong Kong. My parents moved when I was about to be a senior in college. My younger brother (JUST turned 14) will have grown up for most of the years that he can remember there. I love HK so much! Do you ever get to visit?

    (Love is a verb)

  4. A deep fried avocado? Really? I can't even imagine that.

  5. Hi,
    I found your list interesting. I love my wooden favorite utensil in the kitchen. However, I totally agree with the spoiled milk and spiders...disgusting!

    Walking barefoot on the beach...bliss!
    Have a great week!

  6. I enjoyed reading your list and I love your title! I don't think I have visited you before but I will be back!

  7. I live in the Dallas area, (Grand Prairie) and have never tried a deep fried avocado, and never heard of Hector's on Henderson. Will have to try and find the time to change that.

    I enjoyed your list.

  8. Interesting as usual! =) You might have to introduce me to the fried avocado! But first, I'm taking you to lunch!!

  9. Candy Corn and Peanuts, huh? Sounds interesting. I'll have to give it a try. I like to eat Chocolate Chips and Peanuts. And fried avocado? Never heard of that either. Sounds interesting. I'm always willing to try just about any type of food at least once.

  10. I dont like wooden spoons either! Great list!!

  11. So true about the alarm's awful. A deep fried avocado? Interesting... I'll have to check that out if I'm ever in TX. I do love the smell of garlic cooking...yum.

  12. Deep-fried avocado sounds yummy! & I'm totally with you on the wooden spoon thing..

    Great list! ;)


    Oh, lord have mercy. I did not think such perfection was possible. Sounds fabulous.

  14. Oh! The sound of the alarm clock is a great DISLIKE! Can't believe I never thought of that one. :) And the feel of sand under my feet and between my toes feels great!

  15. goodness girl, peach bellinis are the best!