Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 24: It's for a Good Cause

Day 24: I heart...

And a legitimate, totally-justified, no-guilt reason to eat them.  Like the Girl Scouts -- how can you say, "no" to the Girl Scouts (or "Brownie Scouts" in our case)?  We are eating cookies for a good cause!

While ChellBell and I were in Fort Worth for the weekend, Chris did us a favor and picked up 150 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that ChellBell sold for her troop this year.  It seemed like a lot to deliver until we subtracted the number of boxes that will never leave this house, because they were ordered specifically for our family's consumption.  Frightening!

I was at a Recruiter networking event tonight, and one lady whom I just met asked me what I was giving up for Lent.  So maybe I've been in a cave, but I kind of forgot that today was Fat Tuesday (heck, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday for me nowdays, based on the size of pants I am now fitting into) and that Lent starts tomorrow.  

It's days like this that I am happy to worship in the Protestant, non-denominational, non-Lent-observing church.  Because I'm sure that God would call me to give up Girl Scout cookies, and I might have a really, really hard time with that.

So, if you are facing another Lenten season with Girl Scout cookies sitting on your counter, take solace in the fact that they freeze well.  (oooh, those Thin Mints are really good straight out of the freezer!).  Gotta dash, it's snack time!


  1. Your so funny about those cookies! So true!!! Just wanted to tell you that only very recently did working out become a "good thing." It has been a great outlet for me and stress reliever. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. We ordered NO cookies this year. I don't exactly know how that happened since I got no less than about 8 emails from friends with cookie toting daughters. I've actually always wanted to observe Lent so maybe I'll go with the easy choice and skip the cookies all together this year......except that maybe that's not exactly what Lent stands for.

    Oh!! On a more exciting note, I got my first order from Erin Condren today.....thanks to your always fabulous recommendations!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my notecards. I was going to just send you one, but I couldn't wait to share. Even the box it was delivered in was cute.....and there was a handwritten note inside - LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Hi Christie!

    I LOVE frozen thin mints - so good! Your post cracked me up. I don't know if I could give up Girl Scout cookies for Lent either. I'm glad I don't have to.

    I hope you had a wonderful day!


  4. And now you know why I didn't purchase Girl Scout cookies... I eat frozen thin mints for breakfast, and I'm giving up breakfast for Lent. :-) Not really, but I'm trying to get away from the CURSE OF THE FAT PANTS.

    I love Lent. It's a good way for me to grow, but then I don't HAVE to celebrate Lent. :-)

  5. That post is so funny! I am laughing outloud. I also love Thin Mints. However, we didn't get any~this year!

  6. During certain times of the year, thin mints straight from the freezer are a legitimate meal. What?

  7. We have delivered over 200 boxes already this cookie season with more coming in today or tomorrow. Jaquelyn finally reached her 250 goal this week so she's pretty excited. My new favorites are the Dulce de Leche that are new to our area, not sure if you use the same baker there that we do but they are delish!