Sunday, February 22, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 22: Short and Sweet

Day 22: I heart...
Home Sweet Home

It is nice to be home where the glitter, poms, and cheer bows of the weekend will be on hiatus for a while. ChellBell's team came home from the competition with another 1st place National title, which the girls definitely earned. No "Best Cheerleader" honor for ChellBell, but we were given the judges' score sheets, and they made notes on the things she did well and what she can work on for next year.

So we are now home, all glitter make up washed off, school clothes laid out for tomorrow, the Oscars on TV, dogs giving kisses. Just normal life.

Ahhhh, isn't normal life great?


  1. Yay for them! That is so exciting!!! and have fun getting back to "normal" life tomorrow!

  2. How exciting for your daughter and her team! It's probably nice to be home!

    Glad you are back safe!