Thursday, February 19, 2009

Month-o-Love Day 19: A random mix of things

Day 19:  I heart...

Before I tell you what I am "hearting" today, I will let you know that today was one of those "celery" days.  You know how celery is -- it's like crunchy water.  It makes some noise but has very little taste. No personality. Nothing to write home about.  (Sorry all of you celery fans...)  So today was a blah-like-celery kind of day with nothing really exciting or yummy going on. I thought to myself at one point, "I can't wait for tomorrow to come."  Tomorrow is Friday, so the thought was valid, but really I just wanted to get on with another day, be it Friday or not.

Bad Attitude, I know.

So to "heart" something today was going to be a real stretch. 

Until Becca called to talk about the crib.  The Crib.  It's my one heirloom-quality-pass-down-through-the-generations piece that I have contributed to the family.  It's an iron crib called the Paradiso -- it's pretty amazing.  And my sweet friend is going to use it in her nursery for her little Ian to sleep in when he arrives in May.  But here's the problem.  When we moved the crib to this house and put it up into the attic, the hardware got separated from the main pieces.  And the hardware has yet to be found.  I've been a mess, looking in every nook and cranny and box, like the shepherd searching for the lost sheep.  Stressing out about it.  But Becca was kind and forgiving and encouraging.  Don't you love a friend who doesn't yell at you when you majorly inconvenience them? (Now please go pray to St. Anthony, the patron saint of all that is lost!  And while Anthony is helping me find the hardware, maybe he will show me where I've put my brain).

So, I heart... my encouraging and uplifting friend.

After I got Becca's call and finished up some work for the day, I came home to practice cheerleading with ChellBell.  She is going to Nationals this weekend, and she decided to sign up for the Best Cheerleader competition.  That means she will be on that big mat in the middle of the convention center dancing and cheering to her new Jonas Brothers cheer mix of Burnin' Up all by herself.  No team mates, no coach, no Mama on the floor to help her along.  I'm proud and nervous all at the same time.  Having done a little cheering in my younger days, I absolutely squeal over the fact that ChellBell loves it, and that she gets to enjoy these fun moments.  

So, I heart...  Cheering, and getting to watch my favorite girl go for it!

I'm sure I will have footage after her routine on Saturday, but to tide you over, here are clips of ChellBell practicing some jumps on the trampoline and her doing a cheer after finding my pom-poms from high school (they're a little heavy for her!):

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  1. I LOVE the video!!! So fun to see her! Good luck this weekend!